iLEAD alumni have developed successful careers built on the training provided to them at the iLEAD centres. There is a visible difference in the enhanced standard of living of families of trained candidates.

Rajeshwari, a resident of Chennai moved to Jaipur few years ago in search of better livelihood opportunity with her famliy .We were living a happy life at our native place. Suddenly my father was terminated from the company so in search of job my father came to Jaipur with us. We stayed at Sitapura Industrial Area on rent. My father got a job in a company. We were living a peaceful life. Suddenly it was a great change in my fathers behavior. He used to drink and quarrel with my mother. He always seems annoyed and irritated. My mother was disturbed physically and mentally so one day she attempted suicide and passed away. Now it has become a trouble for me to earn livelihood. My father started quarrelling with me and forced me for prostitution. He didnt pay my school fee so I could hardly pass 10 Standard. One day my father left Jaipur and went away Delhi with my elder brother to whom he loved a lot. I was alone so I wept bitterly but it was not a solution of my problem. One day my friend came to me and saw my worst condition. She advised me to accompany her in a course in iLEAD. I went there and told my exact situation. Due to my interest and condition they helped and supported me. I was admitted in Customer Relation & Retail. I worked hard for three months and completed the skill development course. Under their kind surveillance I learned basics of computer and improved communication skills. I knew how to deal the customers diplomatically. After completion of the course I got a job in Aarambh Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. at mansarover as a Telecaller. Im earning 8000 per month respectively. I would like to thank the whole team of iLEAD that supported me and changed my life really they have a great contribution in my success. Now I am living a happy and peaceful life. .... Thanks iLEAD27/ Jan/2018
Neetu Modiyani

Neetu Modiyani belonged to a financially sound family. Her father had a well running business but, due to some barriers they had to face a downfall in the business .Due to this condition, her family had to face many problems. It was very difficult for her family to bare the school expenses but her father managed to complete her 12th class. Her siblings had to face the same situation and are working in a mobile shop, earning around 5000/-.It is very difficult for her family to adjust in this situation as they lived a life much better than this earlier. Then, she decided to help her family to overcome this worse situation. She struggled a lot to find a job to meet her livelihood but she faced failure at every point due to lack of computer skills .It was difficult for her to join any computer course as it was costing too much & she could not afford it. She was frustrated from her life as she was not able to help her father. But one day she came to know about iLEAD through alumni and she approached iLEAD as soon as possible .And finally she was enrolled in Tally trade. She was dedicated & focused towards her training as she had a goal to achieve. On completion of her three month training, she got placed her at “PREM MARBLE” as an accountant and Tally operator, earning 10000/- per month. She was blessed to join iLEAD as it has flourished her life. She is happy to contribute her family and is now pursing through correspondence. 23/ Jan/2018
Rakesh Meena

21 year old Rakesh hails from Bilwa Village Jaipur, where he lives in a family of four. His father is the only earning member who is working as a labor at nearby petrol pump and the sole bread earner for the family. As the children were growing, the needs of the household also started increasing, which was not being met by his father alone so Rakesh decided to help his father but due to lack of skills he couldnt help. One day he got to know about iLEAD and enrolled himself for the course. Today, Rakesh is working as a Computer operator at Vaibhav Global Limited and earning a handsome salary of Rs.12000/-. ‘I am thankful to iLEAD team for their support & guidance under which my life bloomed & brightened my future‘ says, Rakesh. 21/ Jan/2018
Pinkey Nagda

Pinkey lives in Udaipur district of Rajasthan with her parents and two siblings. Her father works as a labor in a thread factory. It was financial constraints that prevented her from continuing her education. Pinkey always had the urge to work for the betterment of family but she felt helpless and grieved at her incapability. Always praying and wanting to change her plight, Pinkey jumped at the opportunity when she got to know about iLEAD from one of Alumni. In just 75 days, I gained so much knowledge that it turned my whole personality and changed the way my family looked at me. ” Today, Pinkey is happily working as a Brand earning a monthly salary of Rs.10,000. She is not only contributing to her family’s income but is also ensuring proper education for her siblings. 13/ Jan/2018
Reshma Reghunath

I am Reshma Reghunath. I was a student of the third batch of iLEAD Kochi. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the whole iLEAD Team. I don’t have words to explain the makeover, which I am experiencing after the 3 months ITES Course. Reshma lost her father and brother in an awful road accident. She is survived by her mother who is not educated enough to do a job. This tragic event forced Reshma to discontinue her studies and find a job to earn a livelihood. Finding a decent job was tough for Reshma due to insufficient education. It was in the local newspaper that Reshma saw the Advertisement of iLEAD centre. She visited the centre and spoke to our faculties who ensured her a successful and bright future through iLEAD. Based on her interest and the Aptitude Test done, she enrolled herself in ITES trade. The training helped her in getting full workable knowledge of computers and various software’s along with improved typing speed and also sessions on Spoken English and personality development. After three months training, Reshma got a job in a Hi-Tech, CSEZ Pvt Ltd, as a Process Associate with a starting salary of Rs.7000/- p.m. Today, Reshma is happy that she is taking care of her mother and is independent and hopes to achieve more success.25/ Mar/2015
Nandhu K.K

“My name is Nandhu K.K and I am a native of Thiruvamkulam, a small village in Kochi. I belong to a poor family and had to give up my studies after the tenth due to poor financial condition. But later I realized that without having a good technical qualification getting a decent job was next to impossible.Then I heard about iLEAD Kochi which gives employ-ability training to youth from marginal backgrounds. I visited the centre which was well equipped with all instruments and facilities. I immediately joined the Automobile Course. Through the classes and practical sessions i learnt and explored the world of automobile technology. After completing three months training, I got placed in Cochin TVS as a Service Trainee ans was offered a stipend amount of Rs. 4000/- p.m. I feel so proud and grateful to iLEAD Kochi for changing my life”.24/ Mar/2015

I am Aswathy C D. I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the whole iLEAD Kochi Team. I had lost my mother in childhood. My father was the only earning member of my family. He was struggling hard to meet the basic requirements of the family. My sister was married off early but still our financial condition was weak due to which I had to discontinue my studies and search for a job. Lack of skills and insufficient skills gave me a hard time in getting a job. At that time, I came to know about iLEAD. I visited the centre, interacted with the faculty and decided to join the Office Secretary Ship (OSS) Course. The training given included soft skills development, personality enhancement, Spoken English and typing skills and also preparing oneself for interviews. This complete package helped me get a job at Indus Motors as a Tele Caller with an initial salary of Rs.5500/-.p.m. I am happy that, now I am supporting my family and leading a happy life. I could attain all these only because of iLEAD.23/ Mar/2015

To become a chef was always his dream. But weak financial background was a reason he thought he would never live his dream. Meet Cleatus, a local from Aluva, Kochi who came to iLEAD as the last resort to become successful in life and achieving his dream. He says, “Hotel Management course have huge fees amount which I can never imagine f paying. When I came to know about iLEAD and its free course in hotel management, it was like a ray of hope and so I decided to join iLEAD immediately. At iLEAD Kochi, both theory and practicals were given equal importance enabling us to achieve all round development. Other activities like group discussions, presentations, seminars being conducted at the centre helped us gaining confidence and develop our personality”. This complete training helped Cleatus in getting a job as a trainee currently at Dreams International Hotel earning a stipend amount of Rs.5000/- p.m. Cleatus is sure that his hard work, dedication and iLEAD training will help him in getting promotion and becoming a successful chef soon.21/ Mar/2015

Sreejith, a school dropout, lost his father at a young age. His mother was the only earning member of the family. He joined Hospitality training in iLEAD Kochi with the aim of supporting his mother to run the family. With his dedication, passion and hard work, now he is placed as a team member level 1 in cafe coffee day earning a monthly salary of Rs.6000. “The training built my skills and capacities to take up employment opportunities in the fast emerging service sector. I have realized that education along with specialized skills has the potential for employability which has resulted in my economic empowerment. I am extremely happy as I have become self-reliant contributing to my family income”. 20/ Mar/2015
Diana Anoop

In spite of poor financial condition of her family, Diana Anoop somehow completed her graduation and was searching for a job. Her shy personality and lack of computer knowledge was a major hindrance in getting a job. During a community mobilization drive being conducted at Kochi, she met iLEAD faculty who explained to her about iLEAD and the courses and benefits being offered. She immediately joined iLEAD in ITES trade. Technical education along with soft skills and personality development enhanced Diana’s persona. Immediately after completing the training, she got placed as an Showroom Executive at Jags Furniture in Kochi and earns Rs. 7000/- p.m. She is proud that’s he contributes to the family income and is independent.19/ Mar/2015

Rupali Waklekar is a housewife residing in Pune. Her Husband is the only earning member of the joint family. She has a daughter whose education and future was always a concern for Rupali. She had heard about iLEAD through other women in her area. She visited the centre and convinced by the faculties about a lifetime opportunity, she enrolled herself in Beauty Trade. Rupali was always regular in classes. She managed her household chores well enough so that she didn have to miss any day of the training. This hard work helped her in getting a job as a Beauty Assistant at Swati Beauty Parlor in Chinchwad, Pune. She is earning Rs.5000/- p.m. and after few months will be promoted to work as a Beautician.18/ Mar/2015
Goutam Majhi

After he got separated from ancestral house and property due to family conflict Goutam Majhi shifted with his family to Bolangir town from Chudapali village of Boalngir. Due to the limited earning of his father he was unable to continue his studies and started working at a grocery shop near iLEAD center of Bolangir. He used to see lots of students coming in this institute and while discussing with one of trainee he got the information about iLEAD process. He realized it was an never to miss opportunity. He came to the centre and spoke to the faculties. He got himself enrolled in Electrical trade. After three months of training, he got placed in a local electrical company which offered him a salary of Rs.5000/- p.m. Along with job, Goutam has also started his own business. He thanks iLEAD for the training, opportunity and confidence instilled in him which has helped him today in becoming independent and successful. 17/ Mar/2015
Ajit Kumar Jaiswal

Due his short physical stature and abnormal growth Ajit Kumar Jaiswal was a matter of joke in his neighborhood and was also unable to continue his school after class X. His parents were worried due to this abnormal condition of their son and didn know how his future would be. One day during CMD in the village at Rajgrampur, Sudergarh his father came to know about the iLEAD process for training and placement. Within few weeks his father contacted iLEAD faculties and inquired about admission and enrollment procedures. After consultation Ajit got admission in Electrical trade. He was one of the most sincere student in his batch and after completion of his training due to this sincerity, he got placed at Rourkela Steel Plan as Asst. Technician earning a monthly salary of Rs.7000/- p.m. along with other benefits and incentives. His parents are now proud of him and thankful to iLEAD Sundergarh for showing a ray of hope to his son.16/ Mar/2015
Sarita Kumari

Sarita Kumari is a woman of substance and her journey is an inspiration to others. She belonged to a poor family and hence was married off after completing 8th Std. After marriage, with the support of her husband, she passed 12th Std and in this time she was also blessed with a baby girl. It was after 6 six years of successful marriage that she lost her husband due to some illness. Her and her child’s future was at stake because Sarita’s husband was the only earning member of the family. Securing the daughter’s future was the only mission for Sarita. Through her friend, she came to know about iLEAD. She attended a CMD program and got to know about iLEAD and JEEViKA in detail. Then she visited the iLEAD center and spoke to the Center Manager. After some persuasion from iLEAD faculty she joined iLEAD, where she opted for ITES Course. She was assured that this training will help her in improving her present economics condition. She completed her training successful wherein she learnt ITES, basic Computer and Spoken English which made her training interesting and more useful. After the training, she went for OJT (On Job Training) at D K Mixing Lab, Kotwali Chowk, Madhubani. After completion of 15 days OJT, she was offered a job at the same place with a salary of Rs. 4500/- per month, with an assurance of salary increment after one month. Today, Sarita is happy with her current situation and is hopeful of giving her child a bright and better future.14/ Mar/2015
Anita kumari

Anita Kumari, 30 yrs. belongs to Jagarnathpur village of Muzaffarpur District. Financial crisis led to her early marriage along with dropping out of education after completing std 8th. She was married to Vijay Kumar, an agricultural labourer earning Rs.2000/- p.m. Anita also used to go to the field with her husband for the work. She wanted to earn sufficient money for her family but she was very upset due to her low level of education. One fine day, she came to know about training program of JEEViKA and iLEAD which provides training and also placement. She convinced her husband also and both came to attend CMD, organized by iLEAD at Jagarnathpur in Kudhni Block, of Muzaffarpur. After this meeting her husband was not fully convinced and refused to send her for this training. Then she suggested him to visit iLEAD centre in Muzaffarpur. He went there and understood the process in detail. Though their village was 35 KM from Muzaffarpur, but he allowed Anita to take admission in iLEAD. After aptitude test she was selected for BSPA (Bed Side Patient Assistance) Course. She did all classes, theory as well as practical’s regularly and proved good command over BSPA syllabus Finally she was placed at Dr. Rangila Sinha’s clinic as a Nursing Assistant. She earns around Rs 4500/- p.m and also does individual home visits and earns extra income from that. Her financial contribution has helped in better condition for the entire family. She thanks iLEAD for the life saving and shaping opportunity.13/ Mar/2015
Sudhir Kumar

Sudhir Kumar is 20 years old, an OBC by caste and belongs to Dhanhar village of Samastipur which is an under developed area and the youth have no means of employment. He couldn continue his studies after 12th Std due to poor economic condition. His father runs a general store but merely earns Rs. 3000/- pm which is not sufficient to manage a family of 6 members. During “Community Mobilization Drive” (CMD) by iLEAD team, he came to know about iLEAD training. He was admitted in Automobile trade according to his interest. After successful training at iLEAD centre, Samastipur in Automobile Trade, he was placed at Nippon Pvt. Ltd, Gurgoan (Haryana) as an Assistant Mechanic. He earns a salary of Rs. 7,000/- p.m. He is independent now. He thanks iLEAD team and JEEViKA for changing his life by making him a productive member in the family.12/ Mar/2015
Nikki Kumari

Nikki Kumari’s father was a landless farmer and had low level of income. It was difficult to meet basic needs of 8 members of the family due to which Nikki had to stop her education. After completion of her Inter level education, Nikki was looking forward to do something which would contribute and support her family economically. One day she came to know about iLEAD training program and its courses during “Community Mobilization Drive” (CMD) being conducted by iLEAD staff. Impressed with iLEAD staff and process, she joined in Electrical Course as per her interest. She knew it was a risky choice but her believed herself and iLEAD and went ahead with the training. She traveled from 20 kms every day to attend the training regularly and her participation in every class was highly appreciated by the trainers. Technical training along with basic training in Spoken English and personality development was an added advantage. After the training, she went for OJT (on job training) at Hanumant Electrical, Rajla Chowk, Muzaffarpur and after one month, she was placed there for a basic salary of Rs. 4,000/- per month. She also earns about Rs. 1000/- pm extra as incentives. She wishes to help other youths also through iLEAD training to remove the unemployment issues from her locality. She is grateful to iLEAD and JEEViKA (Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Society).11/ Mar/2015
Dinesh Yadav

Dinesh Yadav, is 26 years old belonging to a small village of Madhubani District of Bihar. Unfortunately he had lost his parents at an early age. His family income was too low to cater his minimum needs. He was just anxious and looking forward to shape his life in a better manner. Fortunately, he came in contact with Self Help Group members of BPL families in and around the village. They informed him about the free training center of iLEAD. After visiting the centre along with some persuasion from iLEAD faculty, he joined in the iLEAD centre, where he was selected for Electrician training Course. Apart from Electrician training, he was also involved in Computer and Spoken English classes which made his training interesting and more useful. After the training, he went for OJT (on job training) in the Power Sub- Station, Manigachi, Madhubani. Just after completion of OJT, he was offered a job at the same place paying Rs. 5,000/- per month with an assurance of salary increment after 1 month. He firmly believes that iLEAD and JEEViKA (Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Society) has helped him in improving his present life and economic condition for better life. He is now working towards creating awareness about iLEAD in other areas of Madhubani district and wishes to eradicate unemployment in his village.10/ Mar/2015
Sachin Gangadhar

Sachin Gangadhar Hunnar was a student of Automobile Trade being taught at Pune iLEAD centre at Akurdi. After completing his education till std 12th, he joined an Industrial Training Institute I.T.I in Pune with the hope of getting technical education which would help him get a basic job. He lives with his mother work does housekeeping work and doesn’t earn much from that. Seeing this condition, Sachin always thought it was his responsibility to help improve the financial condition of his family. One day he came across iLEAD Pune staff conducting Community Mobilization Drive (CMD) in his area of residence. His interest was to do a technical course and so he enrolled himself in Automobile trade. Sachin was happy that not only did he get technical education but also knowledge of soft skills which are usually ignored in most curriculums. After successful completion of the three months training, he was successfully placed at Sawant Motors which is near his place of residence. Sachin is happy about the local employment he has got with a salary that will help him take care of his family financially. He wishes to someday open his own workshop for automobiles and become an entrepreneur someday. We wish him all the best for his future endeavors.09/ Mar/2015
Kiran Bairwa

“I am Kiran Bairwa. My father was a shopkeeper at Tirputi Balaji Nagar, Sanganer, Jaipur. We were 5 members in the family. My father was detected with cancer and hence all his savings had to be used for his medication and treatment. My education was affected due to this and I had to discontinue my studies. After sometime I lost my father and was devastated as I did not know what to do ahead. It was one day in the market that I met iLEAD staff members who were conducting community mobilization drive. I thought this was the opportunity I was waiting for. I enrolled myself in Computer Fundamental course. Along with technical education we were also taught personality development and soft skills which helped in boosting my confidence. After the training I got placed at “Subham Finance” as a Computer Assistant earning Rs. 5000/- p.m. Along with job I’m also studying further through correspondence. iLEAD has helped me to stand on my feet and now I aim to build my future in a bright way”. 07/ Mar/2015
Farzana Bano

Farzana belongs to a big family and the monthly income is her family is only Rs.6000/-. In this condition she did not get the opportunity to study and hence was married off at an early age. Her husband also did not earn much as he was just a sales worker in a shop in Bhilwara. Farzana always had the zeal to do something in life and not sit idle but she did not know how to go ahead with this thinking. During a community mobilization drive, she met iLEAD Bhilwara staff members who explained about iLEAD. Impressed with the idea, she took admission in “Tailor Ladies” course. During the training itself Farzana had decided that she wants to start her own business. Hence, after successful completion of the course, she started her set up within her house and is happily earning in the range of Rs.5000-Rs.8000/- per month. 05/ Mar/2015
Priya Pathak

"I stay at Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai with my parents, brother and my sister. I had completed my 12th Std but did not think of studying any further or enrolling into college due to financial reasons. Much later I spoke to a friend of mine who was pursuing a Beautician course at iLEAD, Ghansoli. Thats when I thought that I, too, should do something on my own. So, I approached the institute and enrolled myself for the Beautician course. The staff at iLEAD made me comfortable and helped me gain a lot of knowledge. The practical visits also helped in getting confidence and hands on experience of what I had learnt. After the course, I cracked a job interview with the help soft skills taught during the training. I started working at Queen Beauty Parlor and have a respectable and dignified job with a salary of Rs. 5000/- pm. My parents are very supportive about my work and the path that I have chosen. They are proud of me. More than that, I am proud of myself. I feel free and independent. Now I wish to continue my work and study further and make a bright future for myself. Thank You iLEAD”, shares Priya Pathak our proud alumni.04/ Mar/2015
Bhagwan Sahay Bairwa

Bhagwan Sahay Bairwa is a farmer’s son who faced a bad time in 2010 when famine was struck in Tonk district of Jaipur and cultivation was redundant. In search of job he migrated to Jaipur with the hope to earn money along with his brother. Together they started doing motor mechanic work but couldn earn much. It was in this time of despair, Bhagwan got to know about iLEAD Jaipur and the skill training provided in various courses. He immediately enrolled himself in Computer Fundamentals course. After successful completion of theoretical and practical training, he got placed at Supreme Infrastructure Ltd as a Computer Assistant with a salary of Rs. 5000/- per month. Now he is not only sending money back home but is also doing further studies privately. iLEAD wishes him all the best for his future.03/ Mar/2015
Hemant Koli

“I am Hemant Koli, I am 22 years old belonging to a family of five members. My father is a laborer and our family is Rs.7000 approximately per month. But my contribution in this income was nothing which made me feel all the more miserable. I dropped out of 12 std due to economic conditions and so thought there is no way to get out of misery. While taking a stroll one day, I met iLEAD Bhilwara staff members who were conducting community mobilization drive. Through them I understood the concept of iLEAD and impressed by it, I took admission in Computer Networking course. In the training, the topics covered were all of my interest which made learning more fun. The practical exposure through visits and guest lectures also helped me gain more knowledge. After successful completion of my training, I got placed as a Computer Operator earning a salary of Rs. 4500/- per month. I am happy that now I can financially help my family”.02/ Mar/2015

Nikita is a 18 year old enthusiastic girl who always wanted to support her father, her father is a cloth merchant at Sawai Madhopur and she with her mother and sister came to Jaipur for further studies. After completion of Senior Secondary Nikita wanted to continue her studies but her economic condition didn allow her to do so. Hence she decided to do some job and study along with it. During this period iLEAD Jaipur staff met her and explained to her about the skill training at Youth Spark. This was an opportunity for her to learn and earn as well based on her talents. She enrolled in Fashion Designing course. With her skills, determination and focus, she was selected to work at “iCreation” and started to earn Rs. 4000/- per month. She intends to start her own boutique in future by saving money from her current income sources.28/ Feb/2015

Selvaraj is from Poonthura village, a coastal area belonging to Trivandrum District. He had to drop out of school after completing 8th std due to poor financial condition of the family. His friends who had joined iLEAD told him about the process and benefits of it and so he decided to give it a try. Based on his interest he joined Hospitality trade. Apart from technical training, he was taught sifts skills which are important in service industry. After successful completion of three months training, he got placed in Residency Tower(4 Star Hotel), Trivandrum as a Trainee in Food and Beverage (F&B) Production at the pay of Rs. 4500/- per month. Presently he is a Commi II with a pay of Rs. 10000/-. He never thought he would be able to contribute to his family financially but iLEAD made him do so. His future ambition is to become a Cheff De Partie. iLEAD wishes him all the best for his future endeavours.27/ Feb/2015

Chetan hails from a village near Jaipur. His father is a farmer owning a small piece of land. His mother is a housewife and he has 2 siblings. His father’s income from agriculture was not sufficient to support the family along with education of 3 kids. So, being the eldest son, Chetan had to start working to support his studies. Due to lack of skills, he used to work as a salesman in small medical shops, where he had to work for long hours but the salary was low. He shifted from his village to Jaipur to live with his relative with the hope to do better financially in a big city. One day he came to know about skill trainings provided by iLEAD centre in Jaipur through one of his friends. He enrolled in Tally course & successfully completed the course. Presently Chetan is working as a Computer Operator in Income Tax Department and earns Rs.6000 per month. He is supporting the education of his siblings and is ensuring a better living condition for his family.26/ Feb/2015

“I wanted to study and work but due to poor economic conditions, my father arranged my marriage. I was now a housewife. My husband is working with a private firm and earns an amount that fulfills only basic needs of my family. I have 2 children and it is their educational future which always bothered me. I came across a community mobilization drive being conducted by iLEAD Pune faculty in my area. I thought if I need independence and a bright future for my kids, iLEAD is my only answer. So I enrolled myself in ITES trade. After 3 months of training I got placed in a local BPO working in morning shift. I earn Rs.6000/- pm. This has helped me to take care of educational needs of my kids. I hope to give them a bright future. Thank you iLEAD”, shares Madhavi our alumni.25/ Feb/2015

"I am Ganga, born and brought up in Mumbai, the city of dreams. But my only dream was to become independent and support my familys financial condition. My father being the only earning member in the family was finding it difficult to meet basic needs due to which I had to discontinue my studies. I was always creative and had special interests in learning beautician related techniques. Reading from papers or learning from neighbours, I used to practice various beauty skills on myself and my sisters. Fortunately, I came across a community mobilization drive being conducted by iLEAD Mumbai staff. I knew this was the answer to all my prayers. I immediately enrolled myself in the beauty trade. With all possible dedication and hard work I not only acquired technical education but also soft skills that helped me enhance my overall personality. This change in me helped me get a job at a local beauty parlour with a salary of Rs. 4500/- pm. Along with regular job, I also take home based assignments and earn around Rs.10,000/- on occasions. Thanks to iLEAD for this support. I hope to start my own parlour someday and this confidence is all because of iLEAD”24/ Feb/2015

Haseeba is a 21 -year-old girl from Khajoori. He father is a vegetable vendor and the only earning member of the family. She has 2 younger brothers who are still studying. Managing finances of the family with meager salary of the father was always a concern for Haseeba. She thought she was a burden to the family because due to low education she wasn getting a decent job. It was in this helpless situation that, she came across a community mobilization drive being conducted in her area. She met iLEAD Delhi team and regained her hopes of supporting the family well. She enrolled in Tailoring trade and successfully with dedication completed the training. Today Haseeba is self-employed such that she runs her own small tailoring outlet. She earns around Rs.5500/- pm and this amount increases during occasions. She is living her dream and thanks iLEAD for this opportunity.23/ Feb/2015
Ajeet Singh Yadav

It is little difficult for a lower middle class family to offer economic assistance to their children to learn computer in professional institutes. Ajeet Singh Yadav is also one of them. But his dream came in to practice through iLEAD Gurgaon wherein he enrolled in ITES trade. After the three months training he got placed as data entry operator in CRYOBANK International India Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon. Ajeet always wanted to open his own enterprise. Now he is going to open a cyber cafe in partnership with his five friends. He thanks iLEAD for the motivation and self-confidence instilled in him which has helped him become independent.21/ Feb/2015

Lincy belongs to Poonthura village, a coastal area under Trivandrum Corporation. She completed her 12th standard but immediately after that had to drop out due to financial crisis in the family as her father was a fisherman and his earnings were insufficient to run the family. She didn have a job and used to sit idle at home worrying about the family condition. She came across the community mobilization drive being conducted by iLEAD staff. Intrigued by the concept with hopes in her mind, she joined iLEAD Trivandrum and enrolled herself in ITES trade. After finishing the training successfully, she underwent On-Job-Training with a pay of Rs.2500/- pm.With her hard work and dedication she immediately got job with Accurate Accounting Solutions, Patoor with a pay of Rs. 4500/-. Now she is very happy in contributing a part of her income to her family.20/ Feb/2015
Suraj Gupta

‘I stopped studying after passing 10th std. One day I met the iLEAD Mumbai staff during a community mobilization drive in my area. It was the perfect answers to my prayers. I enrolled myself in the Computer hardware trade. Not only did I get technical education but I was also given softs skills and personality development training which instilled confidence in me. That is how I got a job at Shree Computers with a salary of Rs.4000/- pm. Now I wish to continue my studies through correspondence. Thanks to iLEAD for showing me the right and just way to live life with dignity. This is Suraj Gupta, our proud alumni.19/ Feb/2015
Cleny Pathrose

“I am Cleny Pathrose from Kochuthope village, a coastal area which belongs to Trivandrum District. I completed 12th standard and due to financial issues, I did not continue my higher studies and started working anywhere as such that gave me meager salary. It was a difficult phase as I didn’t know what to do and how to build my career. It was during my time in distress that, I was informed about the activities and works of iLEAD. I decided to give it a try and joined iLEAD in Hospitality Trade. During my training period all the faculties gave me confidence and helped in improving my self-esteem and communication skills. After completing my course I got placed in Residency Tower (4 Star Hotel), Trivandrum as a Trainee in Food and Beverage (F&B) Production at the pay of Rs. 2500/- per month. After completion of my training period I was selected to work in CCD (Caf Coffee Day), Kowadiar in the Service Section with the pay of Rs. 5300/- per month with the PF benefits during the training period. Presently I am getting a pay of Rs. 7000/- excluding PF Benefits. I never thought I would be able to contribute to my family with my income, but iLEAD made me to do.18/ Feb/2015
Rabiya Khan

Rabiya Khan is another example of women empowerment for us. She belongs to a minority community with conservative thoughts. But with her family’s support she joined iLEAD Mumbai and enrolled herself in ITES trade. A happy go lucky person, Rabiya is always full of life and always willing to help anyone in need. She successfully completed her training and immediately got job at Shree computers with a salary of Rs.4000/- pm. Her job was to teach other students basic IT, Photoshop, Coral, MS Office and other software. She wishes to continue her education further and become a professional teacher someday. "We got this chance to learn from iLEAD. I wish everybody gets such an opportunity."- Rabiya 17/ Feb/2015

Lakshmi belongs to economically poor family as her father met with an accident few years ago resulting in the financial burden falling onto the mother. Lakshmi’s younger brother also left school and started to work in a shop to support the family. In this critical course of time Lakshmi came to know about iLEAD program through Community Mobilization Drive and enrolled in ITeS trade. After completion of three months training she got placed in Sugam Telecom with a salary of Rs. 5000/- per month. Now her brother has rejoined school and is admitted in class 8th and she is also pursuing graduation through distance learning course. Lakshmi is now leading a self-dependent life style and has started encouraging other girls in such a way that some new girls have enrolled in the next batch. Lakshmi has become an inspiration and role model for other girls facing similar situations in life. 16/ Feb/2015
Sana and Dilshad

Sana and Dilshad, two sisters, merely 20 and 21 years of age, hail from a family of eight members. The father earns a meager income from a flourmill that he owns. Residing in Shivaji Nagar-Govandi, Dilshad the eldest daughter is a school dropout after 10th, while the younger one Sana has completed her 12th. The financial condition of the family has been poor with many dependents on the only bread winner for the family. With the initiative of the Coordinator of the Mumbai centre of iLEAD, the two sisters were motivated into enrolling for the Beautician Course. Today, Dilshad works as a Beautician at a Rosy Beauty Salon in VASHI. She earns up to Rs. 3,500/- a month. While the younger one, Sana, takes up Beauty orders and also works in same Rosy Beauty Salon and also assists her father in the flourmill. The financial condition of the Shaikh family has improved since then and the course has helped them find means to earn a decent living.14/ Feb/2015
Mustari Begam

“I am from conservative family and society from a small village in Purnia district wherein going out for job specially being unmarried was not at all acceptable. My family’s financial condition was poor and it always bothered me. I wasn’t well educated and wanted to do something to get my family out of misery. One day my aunt told me about iLEAD programme. I wanted to give it a try but my father was not convinced. So my family came to centre and after proper guidance and counseling, my father allowed me to enroll myself for the Patient Care Assistance (PCA) trade. The training of three months helped me to develop my personality which in turn helped me in getting a job in a Pvt Hospital wherein I was offered Rs.2650/- pm as salary along with free food and accommodation. Along with job I am also pursuing graduation studies. Today my father is proud of me and also encourages others in the village to send their daughters to iLEAD and become independent and empowered”. This is Mustari Begam’s story an successful alumni of iLEAD and an example for other girls in the society.13/ Feb/2015
Pratibha Uyikey

It is said,“if you have skills but, no knowledge & education you can’t dig even in mud.” Her story was quite similar to those line; we are talking about Ms Pratibha Uyikey, 19th old girl from Salkha village, Bilaspur. Her father is a farmer, mother is a housewife, one elder brother who has left his studies and is jobless. Her father earns Rs. 800/- per month. This income is not sufficient to afford the basic necessities of the family. One day her father came across Community Mobilization Drive (CMD) being conducted in the nearby village and was impressed by the process of iLEAD. Her father was quite conventional in thoughts and didn want to send his daughter far from the village to get trained. After immense requests and counseling, her father agreed and Pratibha was allowed to join iLEAD centre wherein she enrolled for B.S.P.A (Bed Side Patient Assistant) trade. After successful completion of the training she joined Bilaspur Govt. Hospital and is earning good salary. The financial independence of his daughter has made Pratibha’s father realize the need to break conventional and stereotypical thoughts.12/ Feb/2015
Anil Meena

Anil Meena 20 years old youth from village Suhagpur of Bhopal District belongs to Below Poverty Line SC community. His father was a daily wage worker and was sick due to occupation related illness. He left his studies after 12th due to the financial crises in his family His father has taken loan from local money lender for health treatment. Anil wanted to support his family so that his younger sister & brother could continue their education and also he wanted to repay the loan borrowed by his father. Anil was in deep frustration and dilemma as he was not getting any option as well as way out to come from dormant stage of life.He came to know about iLEAD from some of his friends. After detailed explanation and helpful counseling, Anil decided to enroll in Hospitality Trade. After three months training he was offered an on-the-job training at Moisec Restaurant Bhopal and later was offered a job in the same restaurant with Rs 3500/- per month as remuneration with lodging & food. Today he has started repaying loan gradually and is hoping for a bright future in the times to come.11/ Feb/2015

Kumud, a native of Sundergarh, Orissa, is youngest in his family. His father is a wage labor by profession and the family belongs to Below Poverty Line (BPL) category. Kumud has hearing impairment problems since birth which affected his education‬. During a Community Mobilization Drive,he came across iLEAD staff who explained about iLEAD process and its benefits. He decided to give iLEAD a try and help improve his situation. He enrolled himself for Automobile trade in iLEAD ‪Sundergarh‬ centre. He completed three months training program and was recruited as assistant technician at Khosla Honda, Panposh, Rourkela for a monthly remuneration of Rs 4500/- during on job training. “Deafness is a curse to my boy”, said Kumud’s mother at the time of admission. But he has turned his disability into ability and set an example for the current youth. Kudos to Kumud and his efforts. 10/ Feb/2015
S. Antony Thomas

“I am working with Velan Info Service Pvt. Ltd Coimbatore and earning a salary of Rs.3500/- pm and also I am due for promotion. I wouldn have seen this day if not for iLEAD. My father earned daily wage for agricultural work and he was the only working member of the family. Financial debts were making it difficult for us to meet basic needs with my father’s only income. One day I came across the community mobilization drive being conducted by iLEAD staff members in my area. I was very inquisitive and thus went to the iLEAD centre. With proper counseling, I was guided and told to join ITES trade. Three months of technical training along with soft skill and personality development classes helped me in shaping my personality. It was because of all of this that I got placed with Velan Info services and now I am taking care of all financial responsibilities of my family”. This is the success story of our alumni S. Antony Thomas from Ooty. 09/ Feb/2015
Donkupar Lang Kharbangar

Donkupar Lang Kharbangar’s story teaches us that ‘You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great’. Donkupar hails from Shillong and has a poor financial background wherein his father was the only bread earner in the family. To help his father, he decided to join iLEAD about which he came to know through a relative. He enrolled in Hospitality trade as per his interest and as per the aptitude test results. After the three months in iLEAD, he was sent for on job training at Polo Towers Shillong where he also got a placement offer with a starting salary of Rs 7200 which was the highest among all the others who got the placement there. After working there for six months Donkupar got a job offer in ‘Matter of Taste’ Cafeteria with a salary of 25000 per month. It was lucrative but Donkupar realized his potential as well as the requirement in the industry and decided that he needs to study further in this field. He wanted to become a master chef and thus left for Kolkatta to pursue his degree in Hotel Management in IIHM Kolkatta. His hard work and dedication was appreciated and he was selected to do his internship in the United States of America in a resort known as the ‘President View Resort’ in South Dakota for six months. Donkupar came out with flying colors and after six months he was offered a placement in the Resort itself where he was being paid 20 dollars per hour. Donkupar’s life motto now is to be more successful and become a master chef in a cruise. We at iLEAD are proud of him for his achievements and wish him all the best for his future endeavors.07/ Feb/2015

Automobile was Lokesh’s passion but he didn’t believe he could do a career out of it. To support his family financially, Lokesh was searching for job. But insufficient educational qualification had made him lose all hopes. It was his encounter with iLEAD faculty that boosted his morale up and gave him confidence. At iLEAD he found he can use his passion for Automobile and make a career out of it and so enrolled for Automobile Trade at iLEAD Bandikui. After successful completion of the training, he got placed as Service Helper at Tambi Motors, Bandikui with a monthly salary of Rs.4000/-. Now Lokesh hopes to set up his own garage in the future and become an entrepreneur. He thanks iLEAD for this confidence and support.06/ Feb/2015

For Dashrath, a 25 year old, from Delari, earning an monthly income and becoming independent was a dream come true. Dashrath, got himself enrolled in the Automobile Trade at iLEAD Bandikui. Techinal education along with soft skills, helped Dashrath in changing his personality. Immediately after completing the training, Dashrath got job at Dinesh Honda Care and earned Rs.4000/- pm. He thanks ilead for this independence and confidence.05/ Feb/2015

Merinisha’s parents were already retired and her brother was the only source of family income. She had discontinued her studies and had started helping her uncle in his shop for readymade garments and shoes. Her younger isster was an alumni of iLEAD whose success led to the curiosity in Merinisha to know about and join iLEAD. After giving the aptitude test, Merinisha as suggested and as per her interest enrolled for Hospitality trade. Merinisha after the completion of the three Months training was sent for On Job Training at Royal Heritage Tripura Castle Shillong for a period of one month. Her hard work gained her appreciation and soon at campus recruitment, Merinisha was selected for housekeeping at a company named Serco with a salary of Rs.5000/- pm. For her personal growth as well as to do a job in hometown, she had applied for housekeeping at IIM Guwahati and got selected with a salary of Rs.6400/- pm. Merinisha is not only successful in her career but also a strong and active member in the Na-I-Ban-Mer iLEAD Association which is the Alumni Association at Guwahati. We wish her more success in life.04/ Feb/2015
Damaphishisha Ryntathiang

For Damaphishisha Ryntathiang her dream was to become a good beautician. She was not interested in studies and so decided to discontinue after completing 12th Std. Though she had dreamt of being a beautician, she didn know how she could make this a reality. During her visit to VLCC in Shillong, she spoke to the centre manager and expressed her desire to join VLCC. Like a good Samaritan, the centre manager told her about iLEAD and the Beautician course being offered at the centre in Shillong. This became a gateway for Damaphishisha Ryntathiang, who completed the beautician course at iLEAD Shillong. Her dedication and hard work was appreciated and she was sent to VLCC itself for an On Job Training and later got placed in VLCC (Specializing Slimming) itself earning Rs.5000/- pm. With the boosting of her confidence coupled with talent in her hands, her future plan is to set up her own beauty parlour. She thanks iLEAD for showing her a way to fulfill her dreams.03/ Feb/2015
Ramveer Gurjar

Ramveer Gurjar lives with his mother, father, wife and a younger brother in Dausa, Rajasthan. He was the eldest son and always worried about the family’s financial condition. His father was a wage worker and that time the only earning member of the family. Ramveer wanted to help the family get out of this misery but didn’t know how. One day he met his school friend, a 10th class dropout but still smiling and successful in life. The reason was iLEAD. His friend told Ramveer about iLEAD and the courses offered and also about placements. Ramveer decided to give it a try. He joined Data Entry Operator course at iLEAD Bandikui. Three months training offered him technical knowledge as well as soft skills and personality development. After the training, Ramveer started working with a local computer operator. But soon he got an offer with a college in Bandikui and earns Rs.4000 pm. Today he and his family are happy with Ramveer’s progress and thank iLEAD for its support. 02/ Feb/2015
Sanjay Kumar Bairwa

Sanjay Kumar Bairwa, an alumni of iLEAD shares his story of how iLEAD gave him the right direction to lead his life. Sanjay came from a poor family wherein his father worked as a daily wage worker, his mother a housewife and a younger brother still studying. To add to all burdens, the family was under huge debts and due to this it was getting difficult to meet basic needs. It was during a community mobilization meeting that Sanjay came across iLEAD. The meeting was organized to tell people about iLEAD and also answer any queries people have. Sanjay with all enthusiasm attended the meeting, understood the concepts, raised many questions and was also satisfied with the response he got from iLEAD faculty of Bandikui. Sanjay joined iLEAD Bandikui in Automobile field called Repair & Overhauling of Motor Cycle (RoMC) Trade. His timid and shy nature along with lack of education made him feel uncomfortable initially. But with the support of the faculty he learnt more about automobile sector and he also attended soft skills & PD classes with spoken English, which gave him confidence. After 3 months of the training, he got placed in “Radhe Krishna Auto Parts & Service Center, Bandikui and earns Rs.4000/-per month. He now supprts his family is paying old debts. His further dream is to become an entrepreneur and establish his own service centre.31/ Jan/2015
Kartik Pareek

For Kartik Pareek the only dream in life was to financially support his family. He had always seen the struggle done by his father a watchman by profession and the only earning member of the family of 6membersin trying to fulfill basic needs of everyone. But his father’s salary of Rs.6000/- per month was just not sufficient. Kartik, inorder to help and support his father, decided to leave studies after 12th std and do any computer related job. He applied at many institutes but was always turned down because of lack of education and personality. It was during his time of distress that he came across a Community Mobilization Drive being conducted by iLEAD faculty at Bhilwara. Amazed by the concept and benefits of joining iLEAD, Kartik decided to visit the centre. After discussing with his father, Kartik came to iLEAD centre, gave the aptitude test and according to the results was suggested to join the ‘Accounting on Computer’ course. Three months of technical computer knowledge along with soft skill and personality development classes, changes Kartik’s persona. Now kartik was ready for the job market. Immediately after the training Kartik got a job at Sanjay Lodha Shop" as a "Computer Operator" on 5000 Rs. per monthly salary. Now with pride Kartik takes care of financial needs of the family and thanks iLEAD for supporting him in achieving his dream.29/ Jan/2015
Sanjay Sharma

Sanjay Sharma’s story is an instance of how intervention and motivation can bring out the best in a person. He gave up his studies after competing 12th. Hailing from a family of six, Sanjay Sharma, a resident of village Bude in Chittorgarh district would have meandered through life without any purpose. Thanks to Community Mobilization Drive undertaken by iLEAD, the 21 year old son of a farmer found a path which lead him in the right direction. Impressed with iLEAD’s concept and processes, Sanjay Sharma enrolled for Retail Management course. The training, he realized, was far different from that offered in other institutes, with extensive emphasis on practical and real time situations. On completion of his course, through iLEAD he jot placed as a Sales Person in “Suzuki Showroom” with a monthly salary of Rs.6500. For him, being associated with such a big brand was a dream come true. Sanjay Sharma always expresses his gratitude to iLEAD for the attention given to the trainees to explore and learn.28/ Jan/2015

Mayuri has always been a very hardworking woman. She didn’t continue her studies after 12th Std due to family’s poor financial condition. But the aspiration of doing something good nd being independent was always on her mind. iLEAD came as a support to Mayuri’s dreams. She took admission in Beautician course at iLEAD Pune. Initially, with cross-cultural interaction, she was low on confidence. But as the training progressed, with personality development lectures, Myuri herself knew, she was now a changed person. An active participant during Gossip Circle for Empowerment sessions, Mayuri immediately after completeing training got job as a beautician in a parlour near her house. She proudly earns Rs.6000/- pm and takes care of her family’s financial needs. 27/ Jan/2015
Dinesh Kumar Saini

Dinesh Kumar Saini (21), hails from a small village in Punditpura, Teh-Baswa, Distt- Dausa. His family depends on agriculture for financial needs. The family earns a monthly income of Rs. 4,500. The poor financial condition forced him to drop-out after 12th Std. His first interaction with iLEAD was during a Community Mobilization meeting of iLEAD in his village. After counseling he took admission in Marketing, Senior Sales Person (SSP) course Under the course, he learnt effectively and efficiently about Marketing Rules and Customer behavior. He also learnt basic computer knowledge. In addition, he was introduced to spoken English, personality development, and other such courses as well. After successfully completing the three month curse, he got a job in “Krashi Seva Kendra” Bandikui and started earning Rs 7500/- per month. “iLEAD has helped me attain skills and knowledge that I needed for work in the real world and helped me become determined and iLEAD is an opportunity for me to stand on my own feet and start supporting my family with my hard-work”, he saya with pride and joy.24/ Jan/2015

Sumit was a bright student and wanted to get a professional degree and work in future. But his father who worked in a factory earning Rs. 5000/- pm, couldn’t support Sumit’s dream because of meagre salary that was required to take care of 5 family members. Sumit came to know about iLEAD througha friend, an alumni, who told about iLEAD training. Impressed with the training program of iLEAD, Sumit took admission. Sumit leanrt Basic Computer and DTP at iLEAD centre. After three months of training, he got job as Telecaller and Computer Operator at an agent’s office who was a distributor of Videcon with a salary of Rs.5850/- pm along with incentives. Now Sumit not only funds his education but also helps his brothers with their educational and financial needs. 23/ Jan/2015

Neha today proudly introduces herself to people as a Customer Service Executive (CSE). But this wasn’t the case before joining iLEAD. Neha was 18 years old when she joined iLEAD. Her poor financial condition forced her to discontinue her education after 9th Std. It was when she joined the Customer Relations and Retail (CRR) course at iLEAD, she realized how much potential she has in herself. After successfully completing the course, she was placed at Easy Day Store as an CSE and earns Rs. 5500/- pm. With financial stability, Neha then decided to complete her education at least till 12th class so that education coupled with iLEAD training will help her with career growth in the future.22/ Jan/2015
Damanpreet Kaur

For Damanpreet Kaur,22, seeing her father struggle to fulfill the financial needs of the family made her question, will she ever be able to support her father and family? Her father worked in a Shoe factory earning Rs.7000 pm, which wasn’t sufficient to take care of education her siblings and also the medical expenses incurred for the mother who had been paralysed since two years. At a Community Mobilization drive being conducted by ilEAD faculties, Damanpreet thought this was the answer to her question of being independent. She enrolled herself for Beautician course at iLEAD centre. After three months of training, Damanpreet was now a beautician. Not only did she get a job at Seerat Beauty Parlour with a salary of Rs.4500 pm, but also she got an identity for herself and financial ability to support her family. With this money in hand, Damanpreet now supports the education of her siblings as well as takes care of her mother’s medical needs.21/ Jan/2015
Rakesh Kumar Bairwa

I, Rakesh Kumar Bairwa from Kuti village, Bandikui, was brought up in poor family wherein my father was a daily wage worker earning meager salary and my mother was a housewife. We are a family of 5, but my father’s meager salary wasn’t sufficient enough to fulfill the financial needs of the family. I have studied till 12th but couldn’t continue further. One day while sipping tea at a tea stall, I saw the community mobilization drive being conducted by iLEAD staff members. It caught my attention when they spoke about training and placement. It was just what I needed. I visited iLEAD centre and after the aptitude test I was suggested to do RHA (Repair of Home Appliances) course. During the training period I learnt more about Basic Electrical Appliances and it’s repairing and fitting. I also learnt more about Motor winding, Heating Elements and all Electrical Products. I attended many exposure visits through which I learn all things practically. I also improve my English and personality development by attend regularly soft skills & Personality Development classes. After completion of the course, I got a job at “Hemant Electrical”, Bandikui. And joined in as a helper earning Rs.4,000 per month. Now I am a strong, independent guy who is monetarily supporting his family. I am also stepping towards a better life for growth and prosperity for myself and my family. Along with this I also encourage other village boys to join iLEAD for better employment. I am very thankful to iLEAD, His struggle and his confidence not to drown his fortitude and aspirates to go higher in life. He says that “today I am thankful to my all teachers in iLEAD center. I will always be very grateful to iLEAD for the successful career with their help.20/ Jan/2015
Farida Bano

Farida Bano Living in Bhilwara, with her husband, Farida Bano’s story is another success story for herself as well as iLEAD. Her husband is a worker in a nearby factory at Bhilwara. Her family lives in a rented house. Farida always wanted to do some work to support poor economic condition of her family, But Farida wanted to learn something and work in order to support her family. Being married at an early age due to poor financial condition, Farida didn’t have education to work post her marriage. Therefore, she didn’t know a way out of her situation. One day she met iLEAD staff members during community mobilization drive in her area, and come to know about iLEAD & its program. She was very impressed by iLEAD staff and decided to join iLEAD. Next day she came to iLEAD centre and took admission in "Tailor Ladies" course. In three months of training she learnt many skills of sewing and also through personality development classes improved her personality. Instead of working outside, she decided to start work at home & presently she is working very well and earning Rs.3500 per month. Farida says I am very thankful to iLEAD to give me a new direction in my life & make me capable to support my family. Today my family is very happy with my work. Thanks to iLEAD with bottom of my heart. 19/ Jan/2015

At 29, Shubhangi is a perfect combination of hard work, will power, determination, and a dream come true. She completed her education till Std 10th, as she knew how important education is to sustain oneself in this competitive world. In spite of this basic education what she lacked was, self-confidence and vision to do something for herself. Fascinated by aspects of personal grooming she wanted to do a beautician course, but her meager financial conditions were becoming a constraint on her aspirations. So keeping her interests aside, she took up an ordinary security guard job at a small firm. She, then came across the iLEAD Beautician course at Vashi. "All courses I had looked up were very expensive, I could not afford the same, but the iLEAD course was free of cost”, so she completed the course successfully in 2014. After completing the course, she assisted as a Beautician for a year, and perfected all the beauty techniques. Today she still works in a beauty parlour, not as an assistant but as a professional Beautician. Her hard work and dedication has paid off and she earns Rs.6000/- per month and sometimes also up to Rs. 10,000/- per month dues to demand on special occasions (wedding season, festivals etc). 17/ Jan/2015
Devilal Teli

In spite of completing his formal education, for Devilal Teli, getting a job to support his family wasn a easy journey and he believed it was because of his Locomotor disability due to which he uses tricycle for moving around. He did learn mobile repairing but the demand in job market was for computer knowledge which he didn have. Ensuring a livelihood option in spite of his disability was the biggest challenge for Devilal. Finally, after a long wait, iLEAD was the answer to Devilal’s every question. He took admission in Microsoft certified CFAI course at iLEAD Bhilwara. Mr. Narendra Mali (faculty of CFAI at iLEAD) to help him more suggested some tools & techniques to him to start his business and provided some tips of mobile work related to computers. After this training Devilal started his business and opened a shop of mobile downloading, repairing and computer related work and now he is earning approximately Rs. 6000 /- at his own native village and also supporting villagers in their IT related needs.16/ Jan/2015
Shanti Lal

Tragic event of any sort can affect one’s entire life, But there is always a way to look for positivity even after the tragedy. Shanti Lal’s story is one such example. It was November 7th 2008 when Shanti Lal went to his job. He worked as a supervisor under a contractor in Nimbahera, yet this would become a black day in Shanti Lal’s life by fetching him life long sorrow. While working on a high-tension line of 11000 KV Shanti Lal Sharma met with an accident and his body got burnt down, leading him to lose both his hands. This was just the beginning of hardships for a brilliant student like Shanti Lal who has passed 12th in Agriculture Science with a distinction in English language. Shanti Lal was a role model for his peers in his village. He used to teach English to his friends and juniors in leisure time. The accident came with a whole lot of difficulties for him. The contractor under whom he was working didn’t provide him the actual compensation, which he should have been given. He provided Shanti Lal a minimal amount. This whole amount of compensation was used in the year-long treatment following the accident. Nonetheless, his struggle started after this. Starting a new life was more than difficult for Shanti Lal and his family. He lost all his hope in life. He was leading his life in vain, when he went to the district collector in “Jansunwai”. He described his problems to the collector. The collector recommended him to go to iLEAD Chittorgarh as she knew that iLEAD was working in Chittorgarh. This was the beginning of journey for Shanti Lal with iLEAD after which he never looked back. He enrolled himself for the Desk Top Publishing Operator course at iLEAD Chittorgarh. He successfully completed his training and was assured a job by the collector as a Data Entry Operator. Currently he is Running E-mitra kiosk service and his own IT institute.15/ Jan/2015
Sharmila Jojo

Being born and brought up in a tribal community and choosing a career in the hospitality industy wasn’t a cake walk for Sharmila. Sharmila Jojo, 20 years belonging to a BPL tribal family is a resident of village Purnapani in Nuagaon block of Sundargarh district of Orissa. In spite of poor financial condition, Sharmila had managed to finish her matriculation. But getting a job seemed almost impossible due to her background and lesser educational qualification. It was her friends, alumni of iLEAD whose successful placement motivated SHarmila to join iLEAD. She was counseled by iLEAD faculties to take admission in Hospitality Services course where a leaning towards social & artistic skills could be an advantage for her. Being a tribal, she had faced the difficulty & social constraints for choosing Hospitality trades as carrier. Born & Brought in tribal community and working in Hotel was a challenging job, but she endured hardships with zeal and determination. She is presently working at Hotel Brindaban, Rourkela and is earning Rs. 2500/ per month with food and accommodation facilities. She manages very efficiently the buffet service of the hotel that is assigned to her. As she says “I am comfortable here. I give all my earning to my father and mother and they are very happy with what I am today, thanks to iLEAD” says, Sharmila with a sense of pride and independence.14/ Jan/2015
Maheswar Pradhan

Orissa to Mumbai, the journey of a small town boy For Maheswar Pradhan from Phulta village of Ganjam district of Orissa, helping his father, a daily wage worker financially was always a dream. But being a 8th std dropout he thought he would never fulfill his dream. Upon knowing about the iLEAD and the placement support it offers during one of the community mobilization drives, he decided to join iLEAD programme. He got trained in Plumbing trade at iLEAD, Behrampur, Ganjam district. Upon completion of training; he was placed with a construction company in Mumbai and after working for 9 months he started earning Rs.4500/- per month. He along with his father are now living a better life and he thanks iLEAD for this.13/ Jan/2015
Raj Kumar Koiri

Raj Kumar Koiri, a tribal youth from village Donia of Nuagaon block in Sundargarh district is a non matriculate and was helping his father in farming. The family has a small land from which they get produce enough to support 5-6 months of family food consumption needs. For meeting the survival needs for rest of the period both Raj and his father used to go for daily labour in nearby areas. During the community mobilization drive by the faculty, he came to know about iLEAD and decided to join the Automobile course. After the successful completion of the training, he was placed in a reputed Automobile authorized workshop “Dua Motors” in Rourkela as an Asst. Mechanic. With his hard work and pleasant behavior with the customers he won over the Workshop Manager who feels that Raj has a very good prospect to prosper in this field. Presently he is earning Rs.2650/- per month which is coming as a modest support to his family to manage their financial requirements. Raj dreams to have his own garage in future. “My economic condition is improving slowly as well as I have a scope of new learning and I am hopeful that after a year I will have my own motor garage. Many thanks to iLEAD” says, Rajkumar.12/ Jan/2015

She lost her husband early and was left behind with 2 sons and also elders of the family. One worked in a private company and the other one wanted to work but couldn’t as he was physically challenged. The boy with no legs, Eliya, felt bad about the condition of his family and thought he was useless as he couldn’t help his family in any way. Depression and a loss of self-confidence had engulfed Eliya. Just when everythin looked dark, came a ray oh hope in the form of iLEAD. After being oriented about iLEAD, Eliya in spite of hesitation took admission in ITES course at iLEAD centre in Trichy. Always an obedient student, Eliya after completion of training got job as as a Data Entry Operator in MipCodes Technologies, Trichy. He is getting salary of Rs.2500.00 per month. The cumulative income of both brothers has indeed been helpful for the family and they are leading a much better life today.10/ Jan/2015
Birendra Kisku

The power to change destiny lies within you Birendra Kisku, a 25-year-old Scheduled Tribe youth hailing from Godda village in Chhattisgarh had completed his graduation but was still unhappy about being unemployed and had lost all hopes of doing something meaningful and becoming successful in life. With nothing to do, Kisku went out to play a game of football at Morabadi ground when he saw a crowd gathered there. It was a Community Mobilisation Drive taken up by iLEAD faculty. Listening to the processes of iLEAD and benefits involved at no cost, Kishu decided to take a chance and decided to join iLEAD. He enrolled for the Automobile Maintenance course. On completion of the course, Kisku joined Shyama Automobiles, but the low salary there made him look for greener pastures. His quest to do something on his own led him to open a garage in partnership with some friends. Besides, he also worked as a part-time driver. But with such a promising outlook and after the transformation he had undergone at iLEAD, it was not long before he was asked by the organization to join as faculty at Saraikela centre, given his expertise in the field, at a healthy salary of Rs 7500/-.Willingly taking up the offer, Kisku is grateful to iLEAD for recognizing and tapping his hidden talent, particularly since he never dream that he would be capable of teaching. His learning continued even as he taught others the art of automobile maintenance because the queries thrown up by his students often caught him off guard, forcing him to acquiring more and more knowledge on the machines. “Hard work pays and this is the only mantra for life,” says the beaming youth who had once lost all hopes of doing something in life. Stating that the transformation in his life was only because of iLEAD’s intervention, he recalls the oft-repeated words of the faculty: “Everyone can give you advice but at the end of the day, it has to be the individual who has to work on it.” With humility and politeness as virtues, Kisku has remodeled his life to turn successful just as he and his students put an out-of-shape vehicle on the road. He is a role model for other students and his family, who are now happy that he helps them out financially. He is also helping both his elder brother and his nephew to pursue their respective education.09/ Jan/2015

The Only Disability in life is a Bad Attitude For Ramkuwar Ahirwar, a 19 year’s old physically challenged girl (suffering from polio since childhood) belonging to SC community living in village Atrar in Ishanagar block in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, the battle of life was lost as soon as she understood she was different from others and not so abled like them. Her father was a daily wage worker and his meager income was not enough to support a family consisting of the mother, a younger brother and six sisters. Ramkuwar, lost all confidence of doing anything to better the family condition, She thought the future of her siblings is into the drains. One random day she saw a community mobilization drive (CMD) being conducted by the faculty of iLEAD and this caught her attention and gave rise to curiosity in her mind. Being different from others was the main reason for her hesitation in taking admission at iLEAD. But after enough support from iLEAD faculties as well as family her confidence grew and she took the decision to join iLEAD. Although, she had decided to take admission in the training center but her struggle had not stopped yet since she was not able to walk properly due to paralysis in her legs. Then she along with her five friends decided to hire vehicle (auto owner who was residing near to their house ready to took them to the center happily at a cheaper rate). Finally overcoming all barriers, she got enrolled in ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) Trade. Ramkuwar with her hard work & dedication completed her studies at the iLEAD training center. She was then offered job at Sai Network Limited in Chhatarpur as a Data Entry Operator & earning Rs.3000 per month. This has enabled her to sustain the financial needs of the family and also be independent herself.08/ Jan/2015

“My Ability is stronger than my Disability” These positive words were always a life saver for Manish 25 years old physically challenged youth, belonging to below poverty line family from an interior rural area village Kalani of Naugaon block in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. His father’s constant sickness, the pressure of getting a sister married at the right time and taking acre of financial needs of the family was always a concern for Manish. Then a ray of hope came when he saw a Community Mobilization Drive (CMD) being conducted by iLEAD staff in his village. Taking to the staff about iLEAD and the benefits one can get impressed him and he took admission for ITES course. He put enormous effort for coming to the center since he had to travel almost 15 km from his house to center (most of the time his colleague took him along with themselves). Manish gradually excelled in his studies at the iLEAD training center. After completion of training he was offered an on-the-job training at HLL (HINDUSTAN Lever Ltd.) foundation (a foundation run by HLL for welfare of the society) in Chhatarpur District. He earned Rs. 3500 while on-job-training and after getting confirmed he started with a salary of Rs.5000/- p.m. Subsequently his family is happy and all tensions are now getting sorted out for the family.07/ Jan/2015
Kavita Prashant Takle

Kavita Prashant Takle, married at an early age, with one daughter, realized that being just a housewife was not what she felt nice about. Being the youngest in her maternal family she was always independent and allowed to do what she wanted but things changed after marriage. Kavita decided that she also wanted to be independent and be an earning member and support her husband and family. Through her friends she got to know about iLEAD. She was impressed with the concept, Curriculum and process of iLEAD and joined in for the Beautician Course at iLEAD Nashik. She successfully completed her course and is now a proud entrepreneur and owns her own Beauty Parlor. Her self-esteem has grown by heaps and bounds and now she has become financially independent and earns at-least Rs 5000/- She not only supports her husband but also does savings for her daughters future. She thanks iLEAD for giving her skill, confidence and a new vision.06/ Jan/2015

For MAHALE TANAJI NATHU from HIRDI, TRIAMBAKESHWAR, DIST NASIK, Being a farmer’s son meant his destiny was ordained to become like his father a farmer. He had imbibed this thought into himself so much that he had lost all self-confidence and couldn even think of doing something else is life according to his potentials. Being good in studies didn help him think big. He had low confidence and self-esteem but was reluctant to test himself in the outside world. An encounter with iLEAD staff in Nashik changed his perceptions about himself. He immediately enrolled for Computer course and learnt DTP and MS-Office along with HTML. He is currently working as an COMPUTER OPERATOR in an INSTITUTE and is also doing a DATA ENTRY part time job in DHANLAXMI BUSINESS POINT CENTER and Earning a Salary of (Rs.4000+ Rs3000) = Rs.7000/-p.m05/ Jan/2015

Asin, a resident of Tirunelveli, always thought that she being a transgender will never allow her to grow up in life and be a part of mainstream. This thought always stopped her from continuing higher studies. It was her guardian Mr.Jose who along with Tirunelveli Social Society service introduced her to iLEAD. She joined the ITES(Information Technology Enabled Servicess) course. The faculty oriented other students about Asin and within a matter of sometime, she felt comfortable to be a part of iLEAD. Her hard work and dedication helped her in successfully completing the training and also get placed with Peace Health Centre as a Team Leader. “I was not differentiated from other trainees so I was very happy to attend the training at iLEAD Centre.It encouraged me to be obedient and to learn properly.”- Asin.04/ Jan/2015

Sebastian.K.C lost his father at an early age and therefore was forced to start earning by working as a helper for electricians earning Rs.50-60 per day. He came to know about iLEAD after completing 10th std after which he immediately joined the Automobile course. He was immediately recruited by Popular Automobiles in Cochin as Trainee Technician and his salary within 3 months increased from Rs.4000/- to Rs.6500/- per month which includes all sorts of incentives like PF, ESI, bonus, family medical insurance etc. Now not only does he look after his moth but also is financially helping with his sister’s education in doing Diploma in Nursing.03/ Jan/2015

As per Census 2001, 49 % of persons with disabilities (PwD’s) are literate, out of which graduate and above constitute 3 percent. Moreover, only 34 % of PwD’s are employed as per the 12th plan working group report published in a Press Information Bureau (PIB) press release. There are 2.68 crore PwD’s in the country, out of which about 1.50 crore are male and 1.18 crore are female as per Census 2011. Kerela state has 7,61,843 population of PwD’s according to Development of Persons with Disabilities report, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment in the release. Robin J is a native of Poonthura village, a coastal area under the Trivandrum Corporation. By birth, he is a PwD. He studied till 12th standard with the help of family’s support and later financial constraints halted his education. Adding to it, his disability became an obstacle for applying jobs and hence restricted his career growth. Frustrated with depressing situations in life, the community mobilization drive held by iLEAD Trivandrum, Aide et Action South Asia was a blessing in disguise to Robin. The iLEAD volunteers approached him and gave the necessary counseling to lift up his spirits. Inspired by the thought process, he joined the centre and enrolled for OSS (Office Secretaryship) trade. “From the initial training period, the iLEAD faculty supported me in all ways and instilled confidence that is required to compete with the present industry expectations”, said Robin. After the training, he was placed as Office Assistant at Accurate Accounting Solutions, Trivandrum (Income tax consultant) for a consolidated salary of Rs 3500/- per month. “Now i am happy that I can live like others by fulfilling my needs independently, and moreover will support the family by contributing a part of my salary”, said Robin with gleam in his eyes.25/ Dec/2014

It is very difficult to face challenges in life, when you do not have sufficient resources and ths what Sheetal’s family had to go through. Sheetal lost her father 8 years ago. Now, there are six members in the family and only mother was earning money which was not sufficient for the family. Due to these reasons, Sheetal left her education. But she wanted to improve their financial situation as well as help her younger sister in her studies as her sister was an bright student. Sheetal had the will to change her situation and the way was provided by iLEAD Pune., She met our mobilization team in Pune. After a long discussion and aptitude test, she was ready to join Automobile trade in iLEAD Pune. During training, she was regular, but had hesitation to speakto others. The regular soft skills classes, helped he as to how to deal with others and this made changes in her life. After completion of course, she got job in Authorized Service Centre of Honda, Pune and she is earning Rs 6500 per month. Her happiness is now is supporting her family as well as continuing her sister’s education. She thanks iLEAD for being supportive and giving a way to fulfill her dreams.24/ Dec/2014
Chudasama Savtri

This is a story of Ms Chudasama Savtri. She stays in Kalayan Society, a slum in Veraval city Gujarat. Her father Mr Rajubhai Chudasama is a labor. Due to poor financial condition of her family, Ms Savtri dropped out from school after 7th standard. During mobilization, iLEAD Team met her family and motivated and convinced then to allow Savtri to join iLEAD. She joined Beauty Parlor course in iLEAD. Initially she was very shy in nature. But regular soft skills and communication classes, helped her in becoming a confident, responsible and social person. During training, she set her goal, and learnt everything which helped her in her goal. After completion of Beauty Parlor Course in the year of 2008, she got a job in a beauty parlor. She worked hard and now has started a parlor named “Siddhi Beauty Parlor” and earns Rs 7 to 8 thousands per month. She is happy not only because of her earning but also because she can now support her family in any possible way.20/ Dec/2014

iLEAD training and motivation makes lots of changes in their trainee’s life and their families. Success story of Joicy.MG is the best example of that. She was only 12th pass. Her father was a cooli earning meager wages making it difficult to enroll her into college. Her mother was sick and unable to do any work. When she joined iLEAD, she was a complete introvert, but after regular training session, she became more social. She learned to manage people and handle responsibilities. Altogether she got an improvised vision about life and career. After iLEAD training, she was placed in Trackon Courier Services, Ernakulam, as an Office Assistant with the salary of Rs.4000/-. After 6 months, She got promotion as Administration Officer, where she was getting salary of Rs 8500/- +TA per month. Now she is a big support for her family which has also enabled her brother to pursue higher studies.15/ Dec/2014
Vemori Supriya

Sudden demise of mother forced Vemori Supriya (20 years) to discontinue her intermediate exams. She, then, chose to stay at home and support her family of two school going brothers and father who is a farmer by profession. She very soon realized that meager salary of father would not suffice for fulfilling dreams of her brothers who wanted to study further. One fine day, she came to know about iLEAD Kushaiguda through Sandhya, a first batch trainee in beautician course who asked her to think about it. Supriya, delighted, then met the iLead Kushaiguda faculty and joined beautician course after a counseling session. She learnt all the minute skills of the course and gained practical experience required to join the mainstream. She got placed in ‘Its Fishy’ beauty parlor at Radhika, ECIL X Roads as a beautician on a remuneration of INR 3,500 per month in January, 2014. “I work well and always open to learn new information and share knowledge”, said Supriya with gleam in her eyes. She also does freelancing and aims to set up a firm of her own in future. 04/ Dec/2014

Divya was forced to leave her motherland Nepal and migrate to Jaipur along with her parents and brother in search of better life. However, the meager salary earned by her father and brother were not sufficient to fulfill their basic needs. During these struggling situations, Divya came across a pamphlet with information of Aide et Actions iLEAD programme. Being a school dropout, she felt that the training offered by iLEAD was apt for her and she immediately joined Hospitality Assistance course. Subsequent to the training, there was no looking back for Divya. She got placed in a canteen of a reputed hospital in Jaipur and earns a monthly salary of Rs.6000. She is happy to support her family and thanks iLEAD for changing her life. 24/ Nov/2014

From being just a cook, to an entrepreneur was something, 21 year old Krishna had never imagined. through iLEAD YouthSpark, Krishna transformed herself after undergoing entrepreneurial development programme from iLEAD center in ‪Jaipur. She runs her own tailoring business and earns Rs 5000 a month and contributes financially in the family as well. For making her independent and instilling self-confidence, she is thankful to Aide-et-Actions iLEAD and Youth Spark. 18/ Oct/2014
Sunita Rani

Sunita Rani had to see struggles of life right from an early age. She was married off at a very young age and making ends meet single-handedly was very difficult as her husband never bothered to work and run the family. Being just 10th STd pass out, sunita possibly wasn sure if she would see happiness in terms of running the family all by herself. It was only after joining and getting trained in Bedside Patient Assistance course in iLEAD that her life took a positive turn. Now Sunita works as a Bedside Assistant in a private hospital in Madhubani and earns a decent 4200 + incentives per month. This independence and confidence in Sunita, positively influenced her husband as well who now is looking forward to take up relevant training from iLEAD and support his family along with his wife. 17/ Sep/2014

Living on the meager earnings of their elder brother, who himself is a sholl dropout and works as a welder, forced the twin sisters Anu and Anju to discontinue their education after intermediate (+2). But like all good things come when in need, it was during the Community Mobilization Drive conducted by iLEAD volunteers that Anu got to know about Aide-et-Actions flagship programme called iLead. . Anu got registered and joined the OSS (Office Secretary ship) course. After the course she got selected to work as a Customer Care Executive at Hinduja Global Solutions, Nagercoil. Anu and her family’s life took a drastic turn and financial position of the family grew stringer when she started earning Rs.7000/- as Basic Salary. Her determination and hard work also helped her win 7 Hall of Fame Awards for the Best employee of the month. Following the sisters path of empowerment, Anju too took up the OSS course and ended up getting a job in the same company. Today these sisters are empowered and are proud to acknowledge the support they received from iLEAD in building their future. 17/ Aug/2014

Being a part of the Hospitality Sector was a far off dream for Tiny. Giving up education after completing 12th standard due to family problems made her believe that her future would be very bleak and gloomy. But an unexpected meeting with an iLEAD faculty changed her life for better. She joined the Hospitality trade at iLEAD and immediately after the completion of the training she got a job at Caf Coffee Day, Kowadier in Trivandrum in the Customer Service Department. Today, Tiny is very happy with the way her life has shaped up. “Now I am happy that I too can live like others by fulfilling my needs by myself. Moreover I can support my family too by contributing a part of my salary. Thank you iLEAD” she says joyfully. 15/ Jul/2014

Poor financial condition coupled with helplessness of parents, forced Subhashree to discontinue her education after XII standard. The condition further deteriorated after her older brother deserted her family after getting married. In the baddest of her times, it was her friend who was an ILEAD alumni and who was successfully running he rown business, gave her hopes for a new start. She was inspired by him and without wasting time she visited the iLEAD center in Berhampur and got admitted (herself enrolled)into electronics trade after undergoing all the necessary procedures. After successfully completing her course, she was offered an on-job training and subsequently got placed as a Computer Hardware Technician in E-Objective consultancy firm. Today she earns Rs. 3800/- per month and is happily taking care of her old parents all by herself. Subhashree’s parents are very proud of her and are thankful to iLEAD Berhempur for all the support and change they have seen in their daughther from being a dropout to an independent woman.10/ Jul/2014
Rupali Boro

We, in the Hotel Industry, tend to hire young legs. But after I happened to observe & interact with Rupali, my views changed”, says the General Manager of a famous Hotel where Rupali works. Hotel industry tends to hire young people whom they think are quick at doing the tasks assigned. However, with her strong will and hardworking nature coupled with the training she acquired at the iLEAD, Rupali succeeded in breaking this myth. We are really proud of you Rupali Boro.08/ Jun/2014
Sumit Marak

“We had no vacancy, but we did not want to lose such a good worker like Sumit; so we took him in before he completed his practical training”, says Hemen Deka, proprietor of Kamakhya Bajaj. This is one of the many feedbacks from the employers about the youth trained in our iLEAD programmes. It has been once again proved beyond doubt that need a proper direction and one chance to prove themselves. We are really proud of you Sumit Marak. Congratulations iLEAD team !!! (Sumit is an iLEAD alumni who underwent training in Automobile trade offered by iLEAD and earns a decent salary working as a Automobile Mechanic.)05/ Jun/2014
Ashok Hess, Sundergarh

Ashok Hess a fifteen year old brother of four sisters. He has responsibility of Education and marriage of his sisters as his elder brother has separated to a nuclear family after marriage. As a son of a daily wage labour he has to share the burden of the family expenses. He leaved his study and he was a daily labor in his village till iLEAD, Sundergarh touched his life through a CMD meeting conducted by iLEAD, Sundergarh staff. iLEAD, Sundergarh Staff counsel him about the training and about the program. He took admission to the first batch of iLEAD (SDTT) and finished his three month classroom training and a Job training. Today he became a reputed welder in UNI Profiles (p) LTD and he is getting a smart salary + O.T. & Accommodation. Now he is proudly a member of iLEAD family. 01/ Apr/2014
Sankar Dey

Sankar Dey, 18 Years old, lives with his grandfather after his father passed away. After tenth standard, he could not afford higher education all by himself. He did a lot of menial jobs when he felt like, to earn some money but was never into something regular. Sankar loved to spend time with his friends and roamed around with them aimlessly most of the time. Gradually his friends circle started declining with his friends getting into some job or the other. This gave him a complex, at the same time, he came to know about iLEAD and its courses. He is presently undergoing training for automobile trade and is hopeful of starting his own garage at the end of the course. The faculty has praised his interest and determination to master the subject. 24/ Feb/2014

Santi (34) is a school dropout from an economically poor family. She got married at a very early age and was unable to continue her studies beyond IXth standard. She stays in a joint family with her husband, 5 children and her old parents. Her husband supports the family with his catering business which is not sufficient. Santi learned about iLEAD from one of her cousins and considered it to be a golden opportunity to help her family out of impoverishment. She decided to take the Hospitality course as it is a booming industry in Shillong. Her determination to learn, work and earn has also given her a job at Laban Guesthouse as a housekeeper for a decent salary. She is thankful to iLEAD as it paved the way for her livelihood.16/ Feb/2014
Anoj khadka

"I was just ten years old when I saw some people were working on the pipeline for water supply near the place where I was grazing my cattle. I became curious and inquired with them and thought that this could be a good way to earn," recollects Anoj khadka (19), a iLEAD youth who underwent training in House Wiring and Plumbing. He comes from a agriculture based family and presently earns a decent salary working as a Electrician cum Plumber. During the training, he always showed interest in practical classes and never showed interest in soft skill training “I was not so interested in soft skill classes but now I realized that I was wrong and I am using those soft skills while dealing with my employer and customers. Thank you very much for this and I also want to share my experience with other trainees in coming batches so that they will understand the importance of such skills" he beams happily.20/ Jan/2014

Maria is a single mother who became a widow when her youngest child was just 10 years old. She has been working as a typist ever since for a meager salary. She has five children and works very hard to feed them. To make ends meet, Maria starts her day by selling vegetables and then goes to the office after which she resumes her vegetable selling in the bazaar all evening. Maria could not afford a proper shop and hence had to sell vegetables on the pavement. She would return home late in the evening after which she would have her household chores to complete. This was her routine for years and her kids grew up, got married and had children. This made her work harder as she has more mouths to feed with her grandchildren. Adding to her owes, recently she was diagnosed with womb cancer. At such a time of testing, Maria came to know about iLEAD from an Awareness Programme that was held in her locality, organized by the MLA of that constituency. When Maria got the iLEAD pamphlet, she saw an opportunity for herself. She visited the office along with her daughter. After speaking to the staff, she showed interest in enrolling herself along with her daughter for the beautician trade. Maria is a student in the current batch of the Beautician Trade. She is very sincere and dedicated to her work. In spite of her age, her eagerness to learn and enthusiasm has made her a favorite in the class. 12/ Jan/2014
Barbin Sultana , Guwahati

A Real Rags-to-Riches story “Barbin is a very confident girl. She has the ability to manage the coffee parlour almost singlehandedly, if required.” - Mr Ajit Kumar Das, Food & Beverage Manager, Hotel Gateway Grandeur ‘Everything is possible to achieve with determination’, it is with this belief that a 19 year old accomplished her goals. Barbin Sultana, born on 4 August, 1993 was a girl who was brought up with love in Prabhat Boro path, Dhirenpara, Guwahati. She was raised with care and affection by her parents. She had two siblings, one elder brother and a younger sister. The males of the family were self-employed and earned only so much to meet the household essentials. Since they were staying at their own plot, there wasn’t much financial concern. Barbin not only dreamt high but also worked hard to turn it into a reality. Now, she was also a proud earning member of the family. The total family income was now Rs.11,500. Barbin is very happy with her job profile, and her key responsibility areas. She believes in helping other people who are in distress like she was once, so she keeps the faculty updated on any vacancy in the organisation. 15/ Aug/2013
Jitendra Kumar, Delhi

I am Jitendra Kumar. I am 20 years of age & a proud student of iLEAD which taught me to live my life with passion. I had faced lot of challenges in my life being from a poor family of 6 members. iLEAD representative during CMD told me and my family about the various job oriented courses which they conduct for marginalized youth like me. I joined ITES trade which was of my interest as I always wanted to know about computers & was pretty excited for it. Today I am working with KRV Enterprise on a monthly income of Rs.7000/-. 09/ Apr/2013
Shanti Singh, Rajasthan

Shantis family is completely devoid of education mainly among the so called weaker gender- women. One fine day Shanti came across iLEAD team who were mobilizing community, after talking to them she decided to learn hardware repairing course. She was the only women in the hardware course and was not a bit hesitant to learn among boys. iLEAD supported Shanti in securing job with NPR services as assistant engineer and data entry operator where she earned an income of Rs 4000 per month 09/ Apr/2013
Usha Banjare, Chattisgarh

Usha Banjare, a physically disable girl from backward community, 23 year old, belongs to a small village called Seoni in Chhattisgarh, studied in village government school up to higher sec. Ushas family consists of 10 members. Amidst all these miseries & difficulties, Ushas life got one opportunity at Aide et Actions iLEAD training programme. Post completion of training at iLEAD Usha has become capable to stand on her own feet and also for supporting her family financially. 09/ Apr/2013
Monisha, Madurai Tiger Reserve

My name is Monisha. I am from ATHIPALLY in Gudalur I have studied till 12th std. After taking training at iLEAD, I am working with Hinduja group and earning a salary of 7200 + incentives. I am very much confident in my life like never before. Now I feel very proud and happy because of my performance and gained a lot of confidence and respect inthecompany. Thanks a lot to iLEAD for providing this opportunity and making my life better. 09/ Apr/2013