Case Studies

Riwandas Story

A young single mother of 3 children, Riwanda’s association with AEA, dates back to 2014, when she had joined the iLEAD Shillong centre as a trainee in the Beautician course. She came to the iLEAD centre to gain employable skills through which she could provide for her children’s education. After completing her training, she worked a free lance Beautician. After working for a few months, and with her earnings, she started a small Beauty Parlour in her locality which started doing well. Slowly she started looking for financial support to expand her business.

It was during this time, that her Beautician trainer from iLEAD had informed her about the interest free loans that were being provided to entrepreneurs to upscale and start their enterprises. Riwanda applied for a loan of Rs 100,000 was one of the 10 existing beneficiaries who received financial assistance for starting & upscaling their business. With the loan money, she purchased additional supplies and products for her Parlour. Her parlour continues to be in operation and her average monthly earnings are Rs 15000.

03/ Oct/2017
Story of Jennyfar Kurbah

Jennyfar Kurbah is married and has three children. Since she always wanted to support her family, Jennyfar looked for a beautician training center where she can learn the skill. However all the centers demanded exorbitant fee to train her. At this time, she came to know about the iLEAD beautician training course which was offered free of cost to youths from deprived communities. Jennyfar immediately joined the 3-months course and got a job as a beautician. After working in a parlor for few months, Jennyfar realized that there is a huge demand for beauty parlors in Shillong. She started her own but small beauty parlour catering the women in the area where she resides. All the while she kept updating her progress with the iLEAD staff. Looking at her enthusiasm to improve her business, iLEAD staff encouraged her to enroll for the Entrepreneurship Development Programme course. After completion of the course, she was provided with a interest free loan of Rs 1 Lakh to develop her enterprise under the Micro Enterprise Development and Promotion in Meghalaya. With the loan amount, Jennyfar renovated her parlour into a unisex parlor which is running well.

11/ Jan/2017
Leaving Poverty Behind

Santi (34) is a school dropout from an economically poor family. She got married at a very early age and was unable to continue her studies beyond IXth standard. She stays in a joint family with her husband, 5 children and her old parents. Her husband supports the family with his catering business which is not sufficient. Santi learned about iLEAD from one of her cousins and considered it to be a golden opportunity to help her family out of impoverishment. She decided to take the Hospitality course as it is a booming industry in Shillong. Her determination to learn, work and earn has also given her a job at Laban Guesthouse as a housekeeper for a decent salary. She is thankful to iLEAD as it paved the way for her livelihood.

11/ Apr/2014
Tall Dreams

Mr. Ajit Kumar Jaiswal, had concern about his life and livelihood options due to his physical condition. His parents though supportive of him also expressed concern over his future and didn’t know how to get their son into the mainstream society. But as they say, what is meant to happen shall eventually happen. Mr. Jaiswal got to know about iLEAD, he did his inquiry and all his queries were fulfilled at the iLEAD Sunderghar centre. After imparting skill based training in electrical course, iLEAD helped Mr. Jaiswal not only get a job but also the respectability in society which he and his family had always hoped or dreamt of. Mr. Jaiswal’s case study provides immense pleasure for iLEAD Sunderghar center in making a difference to someone’s life.
01/ Apr/2014
Because Education has no Age limit

Maria’s (60) advanced age did not dither her from joining iLEAD’s Beautician course.

Maria is a single mother who became a widow when her youngest child was just 10 years old. She has been working as a typist ever since for a meager salary. She has five children and works very hard to feed them. To make ends meet, Maria starts her day by selling vegetables and then goes to the office after which she resumes her vegetable selling in the bazaar all evening. Maria could not afford a proper shop and hence had to sell vegetables on the pavement. She would return home late in the evening after which she would have her household chores to complete. This was her routine for years and her kids grew up, got married and had children. This made her work harder as she has more mouths to feed with her grandchildren. Adding to her owes, recently she was diagnosed with womb cancer.

At such a time of testing, Maria came to know about iLEAD from an Awareness Programme that was held in her locality, organized by the MLA of that constituency. When Maria got the iLEAD pamphlet, she saw an opportunity for herself. She visited the office along with her daughter. After speaking to the staff, she showed interest in enrolling herself along with her daughter for the beautician trade.

Maria is a student in the current batch of the Beautician Trade. She is very sincere and dedicated to her work. In spite of her age, her eagerness to learn and enthusiasm has made her a favorite in the class.

22/ Mar/2014
Barbin Sultana , Guwahati

A Real Rags-to-Riches story

“Barbin is a very confident girl. She has the ability to manage the coffee parlour almost singlehandedly, if required.”- Mr Ajit Kumar Das,Food & Beverage Manager, Hotel Gateway Grandeur

‘Everything is possible to achieve with determination’, it is with this belief that a 19 year old accomplished her goals. Barbin Sultana, born on 4 August, 1993 was a girl who was brought up with love in Prabhat Boro path, Dhirenpara, Guwahati. She was raised with care and affection by her parents. She had two siblings, one elder brother and a younger sister. The males of the family were self-employed and earned only so much to meet the household essentials. Since they were staying at their own plot, there wasn’t much financial concern.

             Barbin appeared for Higher Secondary Certificate but couldn’t pass the exam. She tried again, but only in vain. When her parents observed that Barbin was losing interest in her studies, they panicked and their first reaction was to stop giving her pocket money. They also thought of getting her married but Barbin refrained to marry at such an early age. Inspired by her elder brother and father, Barbin wanted to be independent and earn on her own.


   The only muse that she possessed was music. Barbin loved singing in her free time. It was her mode of self-expression. She searched for a music school and started taking learning sessions. But it was soon that she realized, insufficient funds and lack of financial support would

t help her achieve the dreams. So she started looking for a job. She needed adequate computer skills to secure with a job. She was tied up in the vicious circle of No opportunities-no experience. Clouds of self-criticism surrounded her. She began regretting not studying well.


           But as the seeker always finds a way, so did Barbin. Where she was entangled in her thoughts of doubt, iLEAD Guwahati was holding a road show in a Tata Mobile outlet, which was conducted by the faculty members and few youth, in nearby localities. Barbin came to know about iLEAD from the road show. Out of curiosity, she came to the iLEAD centre with two of her friends to inquire. She was interested only in learning Computers. Barbin and her friends were counselled about opportunities lying ahead. After which, Barbin decided to take the Hospitality Services course on a trial basis.

               Her interest lying mainly in Computers, Barbin was a little irregular at class. She wanted to attend only Computer classes. Lack of knowledge in hospitality, led her with some embarrassment amongst her friends. She started attending few sessions, after which her interest in them developed more. Gradually, Barbin became confident that she would get job and earn as she had always dreamt of. Initially, she couldn’t adjust with others but with persistent hard work, she began learning without hesitation. She became active, sincere, and regular.

             After completion of her three-month theoretical training, Barbin was sent to Hotel Vishwaratna, AT Road, Guwahati, for her On-Job-Training (OJT), which she succeeded with flying colours. She was provided with an opportunity of an interview at Hotel Gateway Grandeur at Christian Basti, Guwahati. With perseverance and confidence, she appeared for the interview and earned the designation of a Hostess in their coffee parlour, with a salary of Rs.4500/- per month, along with meals.

             Barbin not only dreamt high but also worked hard to turn it into a reality. Now, she was also a proud earning member of the family. The total family income was now Rs.11,500. Barbin is very happy with her job profile, and her key responsibility areas. She believes in helping other people who are in distress like she was once, so she keeps the faculty updated on any vacancy in the organisation

23/ Aug/2013
An example of Empowerment through Education- Hemanti Sulanti

"I am very sure that all the youngsters who are living in deprivation and facing consistent difficulties can accomplish anything and everything provided they have the will and courage.” – Hemanti Sulani.
Hemanti (22), the daughter of an illiterate farmer in Orissa, was raised with vindictive taunts and phrases like ‘ Even if you study, you"ll ultimately be restricted in the house’ were very common in her life to stumble upon on a daily basis.

But these insults’ steeled Hemanti’s determination and initiated a journey to achieve higher goals in life. A question knocked her deep ‘How can I earn respect?’ and the answer, she received from somebody, ‘Either request your father to change his profession or you become big’ shook her from inside. It was impossible for her to change father's profession so she chose the latter. A young Hemanti did not know what it took to become something and be independent in life but she knew she would do every bit to see herself where she wanted to. Hemanti started spending most of her time studying to prove herself. Her father somehow managed her school fees by investing all his hard work, energy and courage to make his daughter’s dream come true. Hemanti ensured her father’s investment does not go vain and studied hard but after class 10 it became difficult for her father to support her education. She lost all hopes but then regaining her motivation and courage, decided to support her family and not be an extra burden on them.

During the Community Mobilization Drive, Hemanti became aware about the iLEAD training program with its objective to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities to marginalized youths.In 2010, one of the most emotional and proudest moments came in her life when she joined Hotel Regency Inn on a salary of Rs. 3000 per month.

It was like a ray of hope for Hemanti and her family. Her father was more than willing to send her daughter for this training. She used to travel 42 kms daily (one side) approx, to reach to iLEAD center. Her determination made her cross all the barriers and soon she was confident enough with a heart full of hope and expectations that she would be able to provide financial support to her family.

During induction sessions, she learnt various modules in life and soft skills by faculties where she also got opportunity to share her experience and also to gain understanding on others experience of life. She found a congenial learning atmosphere in iLEAD centre which rejuvenated her hopes for a better future.

After induction she was selected for Hospitality through an interest inventory test. She learnt about the skill of the trade and regularly attended the classes. She even went for trade specific visits and attended guest lectures from experts to understand the real needs of the market .

Hemanti's father is surprised by number of well wishers visiting his house owing to his daughters new job which has altered everything in their house for the better.After three months of training in iLEAD centre, Hemanti took an on-job training in a hotel in Raigarh . Soon after completion of the training she was placed in the Hotel regency as a Room attended. Shes extremely happy with the performance and have a dream of a successful career.

Now, she is a strong, independent girl who is monetarily supporting her family. She is also stepping towards a better life with a twinkle in her eyes for growth and prosperity for herself and for her family. Along with this, she is also encouraging other village girls to join iLEAD training centre.

She is thankful to iLEAD, her hardships and struggles and is determined not to drown her fortitude and aspires to go higher in life. It is apparent when she says, “Today I am thankful to my circumstances through which I have evolved and carved progress. I will always be very grateful to iLEAD which in the real sense has influenced and helped shape my life”.

05/ Aug/2013
Lalrindinki Tariang , Shillong


'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams' , said Eleanor Roosevelt . For Lalrindinki Tariang, a twenty five year old Girl from Shillong, life is both. A beautician at Wan’zBeauty Parlor, Shillong, Lalrindinki was not always this lucky. To support her family of eight, including five siblings and her mother and father, who is a psychiatric patient, she worked as a domestic worker in various homes. Her father had lost his fourth grade job at NEEPCO and her mother ran a petty roadside stall which barely fed her loved ones.

During the Community Mobilisation drive (CMD) process of iLEAD Shillong, she learnt about the opportunity at her door step. She was excited to know about it and enrolled herself in the beautician course.

Lalrindinki had high-quality learning during her four month's course and gained knowledge and skills to be an ideal beautician. She was one of the best students in the batch. After completing training on the job, she got placed as a beautician at Wan’z Beauty Parlor in Shillong. She is drawing an entry level salary of Rs. 2500/- per month. Having realized her dream, she plans to be a successful entrepreneur by establishing herself as a well-known beautician. The transformation that Lalrindinki has undergone is no mean feat. From being the youngest of her parent's six children, to dreaming an almost impossible dream of becoming a beautician, she has grown to be a confident young woman. A class nine dropout, Lalrindinki now prides herself for being able to support her family and successfully achieving her true calling.

28/ Jun/2013
Mahendra Patel- Bilaspur

Mahendra Patel´s lack of educational qualification was an incredibly difficult barrier to overcome. Nonetheless, his commitment and aptitude allowed him not only to outstand in iLEAD´s ITeS course, but assured him a better future. Today, Mahendra is earning Rs 4000 monthly salary plus incentives while studying his B.A.1st year. Initially incredulous for joining iLEAD, Mahendra Patel, today feels grateful to iLEAD and its members.

10/ Jun/2013
Usha Banjare – Raipur

Usha Banjare, a physically disabled 23 year-old girl, found hope in iLEAD´s Raipur Program. Given her disability, Usha was unable to help her family´s deteriorating finances. Feeling almost helpless, she was encouraged to join the Aide et Action’s iLEAD programme and latter on, she was selected for ITeS training. Today, Usha works as a receptionist at Easy Day, a Retail of Bharti Wal-Mart, earning a monthly salary of Rs 4500 with other incentives and Medical Insurance. Apart from being able to support her family, she has now overcome her physical disability, turning into an enthusiastic and confident person.

10/ Jun/2013
Purnima - Patna

Motivation was Purnima’s only way out of her family´s financial hardships. When coming across iLEAD Patna Centre, she got engaged in the ITeS trade. She has learned all the basics things regarding ITeS including spoken English and is now working at Akriti Institute with a salary of Rs. 4000/- per month. Having dropped her studies after intermediate, she has been admitted in B.A. at SMD College in Punpun and is willing to complete graduation and enhance her job position.

10/ Jun/2013
Shanti Singh- Jaipur

Shanti´s perseverance and her eagerness to learn has taken her farther than she ever dreamed. Born and raised in a small village near Jaipur, attending school was not an option for this young girl. However, life had more challenges for Shanti. After coming across iLEAD´s team, she was encouraged to join the Hardware Course. She now works as an Assistant Engineer and Data Entry Operator. Thanks to her monthly salary of Rs 4000 and her unique skills, Shanti was admitted to one of the most reputed colleges of Rajasthan in the field of engineering.

10/ Jun/2013
Radheyshyam- Chittorgarh

Entrepreneurship is one of Radheyshyam’s many qualities. However, his disability and life’s hardship had made him a shy and resigned person.  Radheyshyam found in iLEAD the ability to gain inner confidence and confront his disability. His quick learning and doggedness allowed him to open a Tailoring shop in his house and later on to established a shop in a nearby town with a partnership. Today, he is successfully working at a boutique and earning Rs 5000 per month.

10/ Jun/2013
Blessy – Tirunelveli

iLEAD came across Blessy by chance, a shy young girl who turned out to be a fantastic typist. Her hearing and speech impediment had made her a timid and insecure person.  After joining iLEAD she was helped to regain her confidence and enrolled in ITeS Course. Astonishingly, Blessy has not only begun to speak but she has even learned English. Now she is working in Franc Tech BPO as Data Entry Operator for a salary of Rs.4000/-

10/ Jun/2013
MONISHA, Madurai Tiger Reserve

Having to confront her mother after her father’s death, Monisha convinced her that training would bring expectations of a better future back into her life. By joining iLEAD’s ITeS course, she learned computer and English. After working at the Madurai Tiger Reserve, Aide et Action has helped her enroll in a new job in Hinduja Global Solutions located in Chennai, earning a salary of 7200 plus incentives. Today, Monisha is able to support financially her whole family.

10/ Jun/2013
Harish Sharma

Harish, a 24 years old young man from Gurgaon had lost all expectation of a bright future. He had quitted his studies after higher secondary and needed to support his numerous family. After coming to know about iLEAD, he was encouraged to take admission in ITeS course. The program also helped him to overcome his low confidence, and lack of communication skills, changing his life professionally as personally. After completing the training, Harish was placed as Service engineer in Lava International Pvt Ltd. with a monthly salary of Rs.12000.

10/ Jun/2013
Shabana – Delhi

Shabana, a 20 year-old girl from Delhi, proved her unique skills when getting to know about iLEAD program. During her training at iLEAD, she acquired good knowledge in ITeS. During a lecture at the New Tech Institute of Computer, Mr. Amit, the owner of institute, selected Shabana as a Computer Instructor for her institute on a monthly salary of Rs. 4000. Today, Shabana lives an independent life and is able to support her family financially.

10/ Jun/2013
Wanjopthiaw Kharmawlong, Guwahati

Wanjop, a 19 year-old orphan, had to quite his studies in order to help his grandmother support his siblings. However, after undergoing training as an Electrician with iLEAD, Wanjop’s perspective of life changed. Being a willing and hardworking student, Wanjop desires to immediately start working after completing the program. He will now be able to enhance his earnings and provide significant help to his grandmother.

10/ Jun/2013
Neha Vyas, Hyderabad

Reassurance is sometimes all it takes for students that are facing self-confidence troubles. This was the case of Neha, a bright young girl that had almost given up when she repeatedly failed her higher secondary examination.  When learning about iLEAD in the Newspaper, Neha opted on joining the Automobile-Trade Course. Despite the gender bias in her trade, Neha proved to be a determined student. She is now working at TVS “Chatrapati Sales and Services” and is earning Rs.4000 salary. Neha is even keen on one day completing graduation.

10/ Jun/2013
Laxmi, Hyderabad

For Laxmi, every person should have the right to develop professionally. Gender should never be seen as an impediment for one’s own success, not even her own physical disability. Her determination and desire to help her family allowed Laxmi to go beyond her aspirations. When coming to know about iLEAD, she enrolled in the MAST iLEAD Electronics Trade and completed the course successfully. Laxmi was later placed in Galaxy Stabilizer and is now earning a monthly income of Rs 3000.

10/ Jun/2013