Promoting Social Empowerment and Change

Mere skill building without orientation of the larger politics would be crippling in various ways. Hence, it is envisaged to have an open Space within each iLEAD centres which would provide opportunity to the students to interact and learn about the mainstream politics of life. This space would also be instrumental in instilling and strengthening basic values such as Gender Equality, Pluralism and Multiculturalism and simultaneously capacitate them with knowledge about their rights and entitlements (information on Worker’s Rights, Child Labour, Early Marriage and Globalisation and how it affects differently to different groups).

Gossip Circle is a part of the training programme which adds to improve the trainees’ personality and communication thereby enhancing their knowledge and information on some suggested topics and sensitisation on social issues. This activity augments the interest of youths in social issues so that they may decide to invest a few hours to knowledge sharing and sensitisation with community every week.

Promoting Collective Action as Change Agents

Alumni associations are formed for regular interaction with the passed out candidates. They act as an interface between the current/potential candidates and successfully passed out candidates. The alumni share their experiences to help further evolve/develop the curriculum as well as provide guidance to the current/ potential candidates. Besides the alumni association are also a source for appropriate placements of future batches.

Promoting Entrepreneurship

There are opportunities available for the youth to become potential entrepreneurs and give employment to others by starting micro-level businesses. iLEAD focuses on entrepreneurship development and progression of candidates to higher levels of income and responsibilities. Youth often require relevant training in key business skills and need adequate support networks and mentors. The "Start and Improve Your Business" (SIYB) program run in iLEAD Centres aims to enhance the skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur. SIYB training is given to trainees on various trades which enable them to start their own business by becoming entrepreneurs and increase profit and productivity.

iLEAD has entered into a pan India partnership with Microsoft to start “iLEAD Youth Spark” centres for building business models across India and enhance entrepreneurial skills among youth.

Rejuvenating rural economy:

The Rural iLEAD is an approach to reach out to the youth in rural areas and capacitate them on skills which is applicable in the rural areas. This would support in further strengthening rural economy and rural production systems. Rural iLEAD is not only to provide training on produce of rural products but also an approach to transfer knowledge of technology which can help to improve and innovate on the produces. The aim is to break the stereotypes in existing interventions with regard to rural artisans and to make them use current technology for their benefits.

Influencing and capacitating the community:

It is envisaged to add value to each centre by developing it into a comprehensive resource centre useful for the larger community and children apart from being only a skill transfer centre for youths. This approach is expected to enhance Aide et Action’s position with the larger community thereby giving space and opportunity to influence and motivate them to lead a dignified life while enjoying their rights and entitlements.