Ilead Pahadganj celebrated the day of independence

The students took part in various activities including dance, singing, ramp walk and speech!! It helped students to build up patriotism in themselves!! It was concluded by the National Anthem!! Although it was a great experience.

15/ Aug/2017
i11 - Celebrating 11 years of Youthhood

Today’s young are tomorrow’s creators and with them comes a great potential for bringing about positive change in the society. With this realisation, Aide et Action’s livelihood intervention, iLEAD, together in partnership with various Government agencies, Civil Society Organizations, Corporates and Foundations has skilled more than 2,00,000 youth in diversified employable sectors globally since 2005. On this InternationalYouthDay,iLEAD would like to salute the YOUTH–‘drivers of change’ by encouraging them in becoming more active in bringing about positive contributions to their co

12/ Aug/2017
Redefining Lives

When challenges & injustice supersedes, life becomes difficult. But we can always change our destiny if we remain positive with thoughts & strong with our efforts. iLEAD Program is committed to boost such thought processes into the deserving youth denied by opportunities. This video talks about the journey of transforming lives of youth in Punjab specifically in Jalandhar. MAST-iLEAD in Jalandhar is supported by The American India Foundation where more than 1700 candidates have been trained where more than 80% are contributing in the enhance family income including 80% of women till Feb 2017

12/ Jul/2017
Lets Resolute to Support

Poverty often combines with various critical life situations, which leads to biggest disappointments in life. This becomes more painful for youth when such circumstances contradicts with their aspirations.

05/ Apr/2017
i11 - Celebration of one million smiles

Aide et Action’s Livelihood intervention, Initiative for Livelihood Education and Development (iLEAD) has completed its 11 years and more than 200000 youth got benefitted till now from this mission of empowerment. To celebrate this success and to say thanks to all those who stood with Aide et Action to support iLEAD programme, “ i11-11 Years of transforming 200000 Lives, A Celebration of One Million Smiles” was organized on 31st January 2017 at Birla Auditorium Jaipur.

05/ Apr/2017
Lives Redefined : Convocation held at iLEAD Jaland

Celebration of achievements always gives a special feeling. The same has been witnessed by youth in a convocation ceremony organized by iLEAD programme of Aide et Action (an international organization working on the theme of education) at Jalandhar (Punjab). Supported by Market Aligned Skill Training initiative from American India Foundation since 2011 in Jalandhar, iLEAD is focusing on marginalized & school dropout youth who lack skills to acquire a job for their self-dependency.

29/ Mar/2017
Ilead Magam Center celebrated Womens Day

On 8th March Ilead Magam Center celebrated Womens Day with Local Community Women who are facing problems in earning there livelihood,ilead Magam took an initiative to help them by inviting the renowned CHIEF JAVID who is working in a 5 star hotel of Kashmir as an Expert FOOD CARVING MASTER.He facilitated community women by showing them various food Carving Skills so that they can earn there livelihood from there home. We are Thankful to CHIEF JAVID for his valuable time. And salute such Nation Building Women who really like to contribute and work for our society.

14/ Mar/2017
iLEAD salutes the spirit of Womanhood

On the Eve of International Women’s day iLEAD salute to all our women iLEADians against all odds, challenged the situations and became role models not only for their own families & societies but also inspired and still Inspiring many more to live their lives dignified, having an empowered voice to change the world 87,225 women became the part of iLEAD Journey in last 11 Years and this number is increasing. A Very Happy International Women’s Day.

07/ Mar/2017
story of Aasunta

This is the story of Aasunta, an ambitious young girl from the district of Sundergarh (Odisha), who strived hard to establish herself as a survivor from the most challenging situations in her life. Supported by iLEAD programme of Aide et Action, Aasunta today is an inspiration to many who usually surrender themselves before the roughs of life.

07/ Feb/2017

iLEAD programme of Aide et Action has continued partnership with TFWA Care (Tax Free World Association) & had enabled the vocational training of deserving youth from poor and marginalized areas of Bilaspur, once again with a focus on girls and young women. The project is providing better livelihood opportunities to the youth through employability and entrepreneurship training.

24/ Jan/2017
This New Year let’s resolute to support.

This is the story of Sonu, a dynamic youngster from the tribal belt of Bilaspur Chattisgarh in India, who against all odds in life, struggled & strived hard and finally introduced a complete change over in life with iLEAD programme. iLEAD Resolute to Support many such youths by an individual to an individual to step into the world of happiness where the feeling of self-reliance & confidence for these youth will increase. Aide et Action will continue sharing such stories with you all every fortnight Keep supporting and subscribe to the channel.

16/ Jan/2017
This New Year let’s resolute to support.

iLEAD Resolute to Support is a campaign by iLEAD programme of Aide et Action which aims to share the success of iLEAD with its various stakeholders & include them in the process of transforming lives. This is also an opportunity to know the lives of iLEAD youth more closely & also develop our determination to make lives better with our small efforts. In 2017 iLEAD Resolute to Support to many more such youth by an individual to an individual to step into the world of happiness where the feeling of self-reliance & confidence for these youth will increase.

05/ Jan/2017
Thanks from thousands of iLEAD youth of Aide et Ac

This video is the expression of Thanks from thousands of iLEAD youth of Aide et Action International to all. "HAPPY DIWALI"

26/ Oct/2016
Malwani Malad iLEAD Team

Malwani Malad iLEAD Team !! Wow , this team always comes up with unique ways and ideas to celebrate the days of importance. The team organized Drawing competition at the center on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. Participation by all in the activity, was an added outcome, but the real achievement was to bring out youth from the community which needs handholding in true sense and are the most deserving youth. Well done team Malad. Please follow the musical slideshow to see the real changemakers

19/ Aug/2016
Community Mobilization at iLead

Community Mobilization - one of the important process of iLEAD is the first step towards establishing relationship with deserving communities for transforming its youth and ensuring their mainstreaming process. This snippet shows the intensity of efforts invested to groom iLEAD trainers for making them effective community mobilizers as well.

19/ Jan/2016
iLEAD - Potentializing for Professionalism

Aide et Action’s iLEAD programme is committed to transform the deserving youth into professionals who can ensure their better tomorrow with confidence & their best potentials. The programme covers extensive on the job assignments for better grooming of deserving youth towards empowerment. The below video is a snippet on recent trade fair cum exhibition organized in Jaipur, where iLEAD youth had extensively participated for understanding the different aspects of retailing, sales promotion, campaigning & customer interactions.

07/ Jan/2016
Celebrate World Music Day with Aide et Action Sout

Considering to the positivity of music and its involvement in our lives, iLEAD is initiating a new beginning from this year i.e. to celebrate ‘World Music Day’ which falls every year on 21st June. The concept of celebrating this day is basically to add more energy in our iLEAD youth, alumni, faculties, communities and all the people we work with under iLEAD initiative. A small/big celebration in the feeder localities of iLEAD centers can provide a great opportunity to our trainees to pop out their musical talents on the platform between their people.

17/ Jun/2015
EEPA Workshop

Dr. Aishwarya Mahajan oriented and trained AEA South East Asian staff on iLEAD processes and especially conducted a market scan exercise called Entrepreneurship and Employability Potential Assessment. All the participants gained thorough understanding about the processes.

19/ Jun/2014

iLEAD plans to organize this month of independence with a weeklong organization of activities to acknowledge, appreciate, felicitate and share the togetherness with the real saviors of our society, those who are responsible for sustaining the independence achieved 66 years ago from 15th August (Independence day) to 20th August 2013 (Rakshabandhan). So let’s join hands to express our solidarity to these friends of the society who makes us feel independent and free.

15/ Aug/2013
Indian wide celebration on Independence day in iLE

iLEAD KA SALAAM Aide-et-Action’s program Initiative for Livelihood Education and Development (iLEAD) organised a week-long celebration across India. The celebrations were conducted to acknowledge, appreciate, felicitate and share the togetherness with the real heroes of our society. iLEAD felicitated the real saviors of the society . Youth from across iLEAD centers tied Rakhi and Friendship bands to Traffic policemen , sweepers , firemen , sanitation workers, railway workers etc. Students and staff members not only appreciated their hard work towards society but also thanked them for bes

15/ Aug/2013
Heroes of Today

Heroes of Today is a film made by Aide et Action International- South Asia to capture experiences of youth from marginalised communities in finding ground in the new economy. Youth especially those who are dropped out of schools do not find space in the new economy. The film reflects on the need for bringing changes in the vocational training in India, which failed to take its large number of youth into economic growth. The films capture imagination of development actors in understanding the livelihood options and also help understand the changing vocational training scenario in the country.

15/ Apr/2013
Fashion Show- iLEAD Creations

Fashion Show organized by our iLEAD youth during the iLEAD Awards ceremony on January 12, 2012. The designs, models, direction i.e every bit of the fashion show was prepared by our iLEAD youth reflecting their desire that yes they are ready to present their work to the outside world. iLEAD Creations is aiming to participate and why just participate…. they are willing to host another fashion show in this season……

15/ Apr/2013
Unsung Hero- Shanti Lal

(Shanti Lal – iLEAD Alumni has now opened his own cyber caf- E-mitra and is making a good monthly income of Rs 6000 from his own business

15/ Apr/2013
Unsung Hero- RadheySham

During the one and half years time, Radhey Sham iLEAD Alumni opened a shop in his house, later he also established a shop in nearby town with a partnership and now he is successfully working in iLEAD as a trainer in Chittorgarh.

15/ Apr/2013
Unsung Hero- Bishram

Its been almost two years now BishramBairwaiLEAD Alumni have opened his own garage in village Jharna and earn a monthly amount of Rs 6500.

15/ Apr/2013
Umeed Film- Gujarat

Progress of iLEAD project in Gujarat since 2006 with Gujarat Urban Livelihood Mission

15/ Apr/2013
iLEAD Award Ceremony (JAIPUR)

Aide et Action International gave iLEAD awards 2012 to over 70 inspiring individuals from across India, Nepal and Sri Lanka who have contributed immensely in the livelihood sector. Amidst a gathering of over 700 people at MaharanaPratapSabhagar on January 12, 2012, the award ceremony marked a celebration of team work and collectiveness. The awards acknowledged the works and commitments of those who have been instrumental in bringing a change in the lives of thousands of youth.

15/ Apr/2013
Story of Change- Rahul

15/ Apr/2013
Story of Change-Shanti

15/ Apr/2013
iLEAD Training of Trainers on make up art

15/ Apr/2013